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Child Labor

No description

Akua Sarfo

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Child Labor


In the economically and socially challenged country of India, with over one billion inhabitants, slavery is a MAJOR problem.
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There are many forms of slavery that plague the Indian country. But the most prevalent of them is...
Because of the troubling economy, many families are unable to provide financially for their family
The child then becomes the most immediate solution to the problem
Some families
their children to employers and some
their children to lift the financial burden
Children are targets for employers because they are small, cheap to buy, and a submissive work force
Other factors like natural disasters and the failure of education cause children to have to become laborers
The types of jobs that children work in range from Beedis industry, rug industry, sewing industry, the match-making industry, working on farms or much more hazardous work, like in mines.
Carpet/Rug Industry
Beedis Industry
A national census of India estimated that 12.6 million of those child laborers were from the ages of 5 - 14
A majority of that number worked in hazardous conditions
However that number doesn't include the many "hidden workers"
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In 2010 the International Labor Organization estimated that there were 215 million children worldwide from ages 5-17 engaged in child labor. The Indian population itself has over 17.5 million child laborers in many different industries.
Children, especially because of their small nimble fingers, have to roll small, flavored cigarettes in the leaves of the kendu tree and have to tie it shut with a thread and a tiny knot.
The majority of the 17.5 million child laborers mentioned before work on farms
These millions of child laborers are deeply affected, often being mentally and physically damaged.
Stuck in cramped rooms for more than 12 to 15 hours a day
"Child Labor Quick Facts."
Web. 17 Mar. 2015
Only fed what it takes to live
Kept in constant fear
When they get out, they are left with lack of education and world experience
Respiratory, digestive, and skin conditions can develop
The cycle continues...
There have been laws like:
Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act of 1986 - no child shall be employed or allowed to work under 14 and are prohibited to work in certain hazardous occupations
But because different states have the responsibility to enforce these laws, they don't get strictly enforced at all because authority is easily bribed.
Due to the lack of education and world experience...
Wounds from using sharp objects
"Born to parents who themselves were uneducated child workers, many child workers are forced to continue a tradition that leaves them chained to a life of poverty."
- International Labor Organization (ILO)
A very low amount of job oppurtunities are open to them...
Because they lack money and experience, they may be led to borrow money from moneylenders...
Bal Vikas Ashram
Mukti Ashram
National Child Labor Project (NCLP)
These organizations and rehabilitation centers rescue these children,give informal education, medical attention, vocational training, informs them of their rights - all to better their future
There are different organizations that have been established to help in the fight against this child enslavement
Goodweave and Rugmark campaigns
South Asian Coaliton on Child Servitude (SACCS)
If these governments won't enforce these child labor laws, who else can help get rid of this child enslavement problem?
How would you feel, at 9 years old, knowing that you would have to work in hazardous conditions, being beaten, fed only what it took to survive, threatened, cramped in a room for almost half a day?
Join the Global March Against Child Labor
Well that's what type of social injustice millions of children living in poverty in India continue to go through today and only through consistent measures can this be eradicated.
Raise Awareness
You can help this turn into effective legislation and action
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