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Evaluation Question 5

Evaluation Question 5- How did you attract/address your audience

Oonagh Turner

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 5

Evaluation Question 5 How did you attract/address your audience Addressing the audience is a vital section of distributing any film, regardless of the genre. We decided that in order to ensure a successful opening sequence, it would be best to use conventions and forms of thriller sequences that everyone is aware of. These include certain themse that enable us to access people's vulnerability and fear. This would ensure a success. Our target market is people between 13-18, and therefore we also had to take this into consideration when attempting to attract our audience. Suspense Those who desire to watch a thriller film are appealing to feel frightened and scared. This suspense, fear and sense of anticipation is what makes a successful thriller sequence. We attempted to incorperate suspense into our opening credits using both camera angles, shots, music, and the small titles. These techniques play on the audience's fear, and result in a feeling of suspense, which attract a greater audience. Camera angles and shots After researching various thriller openings, we found that short quick shots created a sense of feeling uneasy among the audience. We also concluded that both extreme close ups and extreme long shots result in a feeling of ambiguity as to the plot and clarity of the film, as well as a feeling of vulnerability and lack of safety among the audience. As apposed to using msuic that is loud and slow, we used a fast pace minimalist piece, in order to mimc the fast lives people lead within cities. It also gets faster and faster, and therefore the audience expect a climax. This ensures that the sequence increases in tension. We showed a certain amount of people the sequence with music, and without, and all agreed that there was more suspense in the opening that had the music playing. Titles The most significant element of the title sequence in many people's opnion is the titles themselves. In order to show our audiences that the film they were about to see would proceed to becoming more thrilling, we decided that plain credits wouldn't emphasise this. Alternatively we used a stark contrast with a black background and white writing, in order to make the names stand out. We also used LiveType to change how the credits appears. We changed the font, and made the titles jump and shake, again promoting the feeling of suspense within the audience. Characters To ensure that our audience were attracted to our sequence, we had to make sure that the characters used were all likable, except the antagonist. This would ensure that the audience bond with the characters, and as a result, feel more sympathetic when the suspense builds, and they eventually realise something of a sinister nature is bound to happen to the character. In order to ensure that our audience bonded with our characters immediately, Sophie and Monika were introduced straight away. We used the 180 degree rule within this frame to illustrate to the viewers how these people were the characters that the sequence would be concentrated on. We also used a variety of shots within this sequence, such as a close up of Sophie's face, and a switch between her's and Monika's to show how they are significant to the plot of the story. Camera angles and shots Colour Another technique we used that would ensure our audience were immediately attracted to the correct characters was the use of colour. The yellow top that Sophie wore meant she immediately stood out, and consequentially yet self consciously became the focus of the viewer's attention. The yellow also is used to represent innocence and youth, but also is a bright colour so it works in both ways. Music Music is another significant factor that ensures the audience are effected by the sequence. After comparing our sequence to itself without music, the effect it had was no comparison. All films include music, regardless of genre, in order to attempt to increase and emphasise any emotion in a specific scene. Thriller films always incorperate music in order to promote the theme, and to increase tension, suspense and fear through the audience. The opening sequence of a film is an important section that gives the audience it's first perspective as to whether they like it or not. Therefore we decided to incorperate music throughout the whole of the first sequence, as we have found out from research that it is one of the most important factors in order to interest and attract the audience. All three sequences here demonstrate an engaging sensation to the audience using different types of music. The music in 'Batman' demonstrates the type of film it is going to be, through loud orchestral music that highlights action. The music within 'The Excorsist' is similar to the music we used within our sequence. The music is repetative, yet still creates the theme of a fast paced thriller film. The music from the sequence 'Se7en' demonstrates a twisted theme, through the unconventional music played in a minor key. Individual frames As well as techniques regarding colour imagery, various camera angles, and music, we have attempted to engage and attract our audience members through the mise en scene used, as well as the plot and each individual frames. As well as evoking fear and vulnerability in the audience, we have also attempted to attract our audience through things that would attract various age groups. Freeze Frame 1 This is the first significant frame which attracts the audience's attention and is the frame that shows the name of the production company. It interests the audience through the stark contrast of the black and white which suggests how the film will not be a romantic comedy, and hints that the genre is something more sinister such as a thriller or a horror. The black and white colours used are ones that normally convey these genres. Freeze Frame 2 This is the second frame that interests the audience as it shows the location of the sequence, and therefore the rest of the film. The fact it is set in a suburban town shows that the characters are normal eveyday people and therefore relates the issue to the audience, highlighting how the problem of rape and stalking can happen to anybody. The location also emphasises how the genre is possibly a thriller that also discusses social realism, as it is set in a working class area, and therefore discusses real to life issues. Freeze frame 3 These two frames also interest and attract the audience's attention, as they are the first frames of the sequence that ensure the characters bond with the audience members. The fact that we have introduced here the 180 degree rule ensures that the characters are established as companions. The two characters are therefore the most prominent attributes of the sequence as of yet, and therefore the audience feel a bond with them. Freeze frame 4 This frame again attracts the audience's attention due to this character. The use of the black clothing is not only bold, but it assures to the audience that they recognise this character as the antagonist. This interests the audience, as they feel a sense of vulnerability for the two characters, of whom they have already established bonds with. Freeze frame 5 This frame also attracts the audience's attention as they realise through the use of colours how Sophie's character is full of happiness and youth. The yellow here also represents to the audience a sense of innocence. This is reflected within the cafe, where the walls are also yellow. This suggests to the audience how what the character is doing, and where she is is completely innocent, also highlighting how the issue of rape can happen to anyone, regardless of if you have done something to make you guilt.y Freeze frame 6 This frame is also significant in addressing the audience, as it is obviously set in a suburban location. This suggests again the important message that this can happen to anybody. It also attracts the audience, as it introduces a sense of social realism within the thriller genre. Freeze frame 7 This frame also creates a sense of suspense and tension, and therefore attracts the audience. They way in which it does this is through the use of dark colours and the light. The character played by Sophie is stepping from daylight, which represents security and safety, into a dark alleyway, which suggests to the audience that she is now more vulnerable, and also that something dangerous is going to occur. Once again the feeling of insecurity through suspense and tension is felt within the audience due to colour imagery. Freeze frame 8 This frame uses the font and text in order to address and attract the audience's attention. The fact that throughout the rest of the sequence, it is obvious that the text is smaller, now ensures a significant contrast is being made. This contrast emphasises and highlights how the title of the film is important. The reason the title of the film is important is because it is the name of a significant road within the plot. The title sounds similar to various roads around Britain, and again reinforces the message that the issue is common yet serious. Freeze frame 9 This frame attracts the audience as it again reinforces where the sequence and the rest of the film is set. The fact that this includes a train station, appeals more to our target market of people between the ages of 13-18. This is because it represents modern London, and youth. The grafitti on the boards also represent youth as they are associated with people of that age group. This therefore attracts the audience, and also emphasises how the film is set in a suburban every day town. Freeze frame 10 This frame is also significant in attracting the audience's attention as it ensures the audience that the protagonist played by Sophie is still being stalked and followed. We have ensured that we see the antagonist on the other side of the platform for a short period of time, before switching back to Sophie again. The use of this fast camera movement emphasises how the plot is also fast paced, and therefore violent. As well as this, we have ensured that the camera angle attracts the audience's attention by having the character looknig straight at the camera. This means the audience feel they are being watched, similar to Sophie's situation. Freeze frame 11 Now that the plot has been established, we have played upon the audience's insecurities and feelings of vulnerability even more by placing Sophie on her way home, in a park, by herself. This makes the audience feel frightened for the character they have already bonded with. We have also used the titles here to create more suspense and fear within the audience by writing "Based on a true story". This evokes even more fear within the audience. Freeze frame 12 These two freeze frames combined again address the audience through the use of colour imagery. As Sophie walks towards the camera, the colour yellow is clearly seen, and shows how from the front, where we cannot see who is following her, she seems youthful, happy and confident within herself. From behind, which is where she is being watched the jacket she is wearing is black. This shows how behind her there is danger and a sense of something sinister. This attracts the audience as it creates and builds upon suspense. Freeze frame 13 This frame attracts the audience and addresses their sense of fear once again. Here, we decided to use a slow zoom in, combined with a close up of Sophie's face in order to show the emotion she is experiancing, as well as to change the pace of the camera. Also, by zooming in, we have cut out the yellow top that represented happiness, to express how she is now in serious danger.
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