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What are the Basic Needs of Animals?

Book: Harcourt Science, Unit A, Chapter 2, Lesson 1

Sally Morsy

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of What are the Basic Needs of Animals?

What are the Basic Needs of Animals? Animals meet their needs in the
environment in which they live. Environment: everything that
surrounds and affects an animal The Need for the Right Climate Climate: the average temperature
and rainfall of an area over many years. Both nonliving and living
things are included in an
environment. Can a polar bear survive in an ocean or desert climate? Why or why not? Plants and animals that live in the desert must be able to survive with very little water. If there is little to no rainfall, where do they get their water from? How are the climates of a desert and a tropical rain forest alike? How are they different? The Need for Oxygen Animals need oxygen, one of the many gases in the air. Many land animals get their oxygen by _________ air into their lungs Animals like whales and dolphins have to come to the surface to get oxygen into their lungs. Where do fish get the oxygen they need? The Need for Food All animals need energy and materials to live and grow. Why do animals need food? A hummingbird needs energy to beat its wings 70 times per second so it can fly near a flower to drink the nectar. The Need for Water Animals lose water by sweating, panting or by other means. That water must be replaced. How do most animals replace that lost water? The Need for Shelter shelter: a place where an animal is protected from other animals or the weather. Foxes find holes or dig shelters in their environment. Can rocks, leaves or logs become a shelter for an animal? How does the weather affect animals' needs for shelter? Animals and Their Young Why is it important for animals to reproduce? Metamorphosis:
the process of change from an egg to an adult butterfly. Almost all insects and amphibians go through some kind of metamorphosis. Animals such as birds, fish, reptiles and mammals
do not go through metamorphosis. The young are born or hatched looking much like their parents. Mammals care for their young until the young are old enough to meet their needs on their own. Summary Animals have some basic needs in common. These include the need for the right climate, and for oxygen, food, water, and shelter. Animals of a species must reproduce in order for the species to survive. Each type of animal meets its needs in its own way. What about animals that aren't near bodies of water, such as desert animals? Where would an arctic fox find shelter? Where would a desert fox find shelter in its environment?
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