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Creative and Therapeutic Activities

An overview of our scrapbook project

Claire Tarbox

on 31 October 2017

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Transcript of Creative and Therapeutic Activities

Overview of unit
The aim of this unit is to enable learners to develop knowledge, understanding and skills so they can plan and carry out creative and therapeutic activities in a health or social care environment. Learners will investigate legislation and regulations relevant to the implementation of creative and therapeutic activities and understand the role of the professional in supporting individuals who undertake these.
Therapeutic Activities
A therapeutic activity is an activity that :
Heals or improves ailments or diseases
Supports the healing of one's mental, emotional or physical health
Improves or maintains human function (i.e muscles, thought processes, etc)
Aids relaxation and alleviates stress
HSC 03
Creative activities in health and social care
Creative Activities
A craft activity is an activity that is :
Driven by thought, imagination or emotions
Creating and conveying meaning
Some examples
lot of
reative activities can be
ndeed this can also be
ice Versa.
ndividual needs can be met
hrough a variety of activities
ou can plan in

Some examples
What health and social care settings would you expect use creative and therapeutic activities ...... Discuss in small groups
In your groups think of a range of creative and therapeutic activities that could provide for one of the following settings ( I will allocate one per group )
residential care
special needs school
Day care /center

Discuss with class your ideas
Learning outcomes
1. Understand types of creative activities within health and social care.
2. Understand how creative activities meet the needs of individuals across the life span.
3. Understand the role of the health and social care practitioner in planning, implementing and reviewing creative activities within health and social care.
Group activity
Halloween bingo
Individual task

Complete a Halloween Activity plan
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