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on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of DECATHLON

Failure in the United States
Strategies in Asia
To satisfy the Asian customers, they had to appeal new staff who didn't know the brand yet. Appealed it with sport values
China should represent 25 % of the Decathlon's turnover within 5 years, against 10% today
Control of all the production line for the lowest possible costs
Their mission is "to produce and sell under one roof the right choice of products for amateurs in 40 sports"

Stores in Asia
China: 137 (--> presence in China makes up for the failure of the US)

Russia: 28

India: 23

Thailand: 5

Hong Kong: 1

Singapore: 1st in January 2016

Decathlon stores in the world
Decathlon is one of the world's largest sporting goods retailers. Started with a store in Lille, France in

Expand abroad a decade later and today, there are more than
850 stores
22 countries.

Employs more than
60,000 staff
80 different nationalities
. The retailer stocks a wide range of sporting goods, from tennis rackets to advanced scuba diving equipment
Depositing and selling quality used sports equipment at the best price since 1986
Next Trocathlon depositing will be on March 2016, but it's possible to sell and buy during all year on the Internet
Contributed to the decline of
Price strategy
The Blue Price
Service strategy

the politics of the Satisfied or not
the signature of the Paper Fidelity'
a service Assistance Clients active 6 days on 7
the possibility to purchase the Paper Gift
the TROCATHLON, market of the used sporting
the guarantee of the lowest price
Home deliveries

selling prices in France
Invented a model of
business growth.
Has developed its own R&D
Two objectives that drive their merchandising:

Being "rapid shops"

To guarantee the "free good choice"

2005: Creation of the event which takes place each year in France.

Past winners: Quechua's 2 Seconds tent, Tribord's Easybreath snorkelling mask, etc..

2015 winner is the Aptonia's Double Use System
- the brand closed its last four stores in January, 2001
- difficulty of getting approval for the bestselling model
- extremely heavy administratives procedures
- 20% of the products that belonged to decathlon owned brands as opposed to the 50% it sells in France
- Stores too small
- Competitors specialized in different sports (fishing, hunting…)

Failure in Argentina
Brief appearence from 2000 till 2002
Quickly withdrew from the market
- Safety reasons
- The store wasn’t profitable enought

1988: First arriving of Decathlon's team which reached out the market by production activities of their brand and exportation

23/04/2001: First brasilian opening store in Campinas (east of Sao Paulo) with an innovative concept

2015: 10 stores
South America
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