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Copy of Welcome!

First day of class

Natalie Freeburn

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome!

Thankfulness, gratefulness,
or appreciation:
A feeling, from the heart or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received
or will receive.
As I call your name, I want you to introduce yourself, first & last name (or nickname) and tell me something you are GRATEFUL for.
No repeats, so come up with a few ideas.
EX. I'm Mrs. Freeburn and I'm grateful for my fabulous family =)
Record 1 gratitude on the inside of your name card each day of the trimester. Turn it in the day before exams and you'll receive a more positive and happy mindset... and extra credit. =)
Who Who Who
are YOU?!!
Sit wherever you'd like (for today)
Who am I?
Who are YOU?
The Class
Classes I Teach
Family & Personal Living
Health Education
Consumer Economics
Senior Strategies
Practical Nutrition
Take this time to read through the syllabus.
Highlight the things you feel are the most important for you to remember about the expectations for this class.
Feel free to also write in the margins.

Table 1
- What are we covering in this class, how should you contact Mrs. Freeburn if needed?
Table 2
- Materials you’ll need for the class
Table 3
- How will you be graded & grading scale
Table 4
- What’s on Google Classroom & late work policy.
Table 5
- Student Binder Requirements
Table 6
- Classroom Procedures
Let's lay out
the ground work:
1-Binder organized and ready to go
2- Enroll in Google Classroom

Please write down your hour’s enrollment key for
in your syllabus:
1st Hour Senior Strategies - 27z0q2
2nd Hour Fashion Design - vfm2v68
3rd Hour Careers in Education - ikxdjx
4th Hour Senior Strategies - hea2t47
Due by Monday
My Classroom Rules
The Syllabus
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be an active learner... Come curious!
No Junk Food Allowed,
pack healthy snacks if plan on eating in my class
WARNING: Pick up after yourself. If your snack becomes disruptive to class, food will not be allowed in the class for anyone.
Be a positive influence,
if you don't have anything nice to say...
Be Present
- No Cell Phones and other "Personal Devices" unless permitted to.
Name Cards
Please Keep with you to use for the first few weeks of class
Learning to B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
Mrs. Freeburn
For Fun
My Family
Married in 2008
We got Willow, our Golden Doodle, in 2009
Our daughter, Addisen, born May 20011
Our son, Logan,
born September, 2013
Masters in 2009
Undergrad in 2005
Proud Hornet Since 2005!
Class Web Tools:

Instant student response.
Go to:
Take class poll.

Student participation and work ethic tracker.
Please pick up handouts on the back table below your class sign and a blank piece of card stock
: Leave from our classroom and go out through the stairs in the office. Meet out by the pond where 207 is painted on the sidewalk.

Evacuation between classes/lunch:
Find the teacher who you took attendance with last ONCE YOU LEAVE THE BUILDING!

: We move to an interior room: computer lab 204 or bathroom across the hall.

Internal threat:
Barricade our locked door, tip tables up and move to the corner of the room.
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