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Cold War: Cuban Missile Crisis

Summary of the Cold War with detail on The Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis

Carson Flamingo

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Cold War: Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cold WAR 1945 1947 1949 1952 1954 1956 Harry S Truman 1949 - 1953 DwIGht D. EIsenhower 1953 -1961 1958 1960 Bay of pIGs and Cuban MISSILE CrISIs 1962 1964 1966.... Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin at.... to discuss the future layout and divisions Of Poland and Germany "the UNIted Nations" was establIShed but Roosevelt DIED two weeks
later before the fIRsT MeetING Was VICe preSIDent and took OffIce Yalta Communism vs. Democracy StalIN
(Soviet Union) Truman
(america) USSR USA The Soviet Union wanted to rebuild in a way
that protected its own interests Soviet union established "satellite nations" or nearby countries that ran independantly under the control of the Soviet Union Stalin wanted spread of communism
and totalitarianism america wanted the spread of democracy supported trading and strong democratic economy wanted to rebuild with democratic governments to open up trade The Cold war began In 1945 after WWII as the two main powers, America and the Soviet Union, struggled to agree on post war plans. This lead to a long series of political battles that we call the "cold war" or the "war of words" and it all began as.... it quickly became apparent that the Usa's ideas of reconstruction and the soviets union's idead of reconstruction were different (the us wanted to open international markets and trade goods to boost their economy) Communism starts to HEAT Up as many countries coverted to communism or became satellite nations of the USSR Countries that fell to communism in 1947-48 1. Albania
2. Bulgaria
3. Czechoslovakia
4. Finland
5. Yugoslavia Germany became divided into as Stalin wanted control and installed a brutal totalitarianism government In east germany. west Germany was taken by the US and a division arose winston Churchill called it the IRON CURTAIN CONFLICT containment The American Policy of ...arose because of this flash flood of communism.
The idea was to resist any communism advancement
or movement whatsoever. NATO twas established It was made after a policy called collective security. If one member of the organization is attacked, it is like an attack to the others (North Atlantic Tready Orginization The USSR responded with its own Warsaw pact, its own
collective security pact with its satellite nations Communism continues to advance into the........... despite Us efforts The korean war known as the forgotten war because it was overshadowed by the Vietnam war some people didn't even know it was happening or they just had it in the back of their minds But the Soldiers Will Never Forget It unexpected death of Stalin as a result communism stopped advancing
and actually started falling eisenhower brings korean war to an end
as north and south korea became permanently
divided on the 38th Parelell An Arms Race begins beggining with the bay of pigs, the cuban missile crisis was
the closest outbreak of a nuclear war, or hot war throught
the cold war it all began with the overthrow of the former dictator
Fulgencio Batista (was a U.S. client since 33) fidel castro Big PRoblem eisenhower initiated a plan for cuban exiles to counter with an attack to overthrow Castro. This operation was quickly inherited by Eisonhower's successor, John F. Kenndey. the plan failed kennedy quickly organized cuban exiles to execute an attack to attempt to overthrow Castro the plan was to land at the Bay of Pigs at night, a remote and swampy area that wouldn't bring much attention the first mistake on the operation was the attempted bombing of the cuban air fields US WWII planes were painted like cuban planes as disguise The bombers ended up missing many of their targets and photos discovered the US disguised planes, forcing Kennedy to cancel a planned second strike the invasion of the bay of pigs didn't go well either, the troops were quickly discovered and they were faced by as many as 20,000 cuban troops and were strafed by planes. more than 100 died and the rest surrendered and were taken prisoners these series of defeats were an embarrasment to the USA and ended up being a oppurtunity for the Soviet Union The cuban Missile Crisis the soviet union took the bay of pigs as an oppurtunity to get close to the us. They gave the cubans nuclear missiles which they gladly accepted and had them installed and ready to launch America was afraid of the Domino effect, that once one country converted to communism all the others would too Communism Democracy Otherwise known as "Mutually Assured Destruction Khrushchev (Soviet Leader) thought that the missiles would scare america to accept soviet presence in cuba by avoiding a nuclear war Instead Kennedy and his administration veiwed it as a sign of political agression rather than a military threat America had warned Khrushchev back in july (october now) that they would react strongly if they depolyed any nuclear weapons Khrushchev denied that he was going to when he already secretly had missiles installed and ready or at least partially completed = Kennedy's military adviser thought that the best way to get rid of the missiles would be by an airstrike. Kennedy refused his help knowing that an airstrike wouldn't knowck out all the targets and only provoke a nuclear war eventually Kennedy publicly announced the presence of the missiles and demanded that they be removed immediatly after several tense days, the missiles were removed the space race
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