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Black History 101

No description

erica brown

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Black History 101

Welcome To ! Black History Timeline "Black History":101 "My BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!"

Created By:
Erica Brown
Teach Up! DOT Trust
"(2013)" Just What Does Black History Mean to Us? Part Black History is Filled With Meaning! Top Civil Rights Activists Workers: Black History Means This! Black History is a yearly event that happens in the month of February where African Americans celebrate their heritage. This special time is where African Americans recognize how those great ancestors, leaders, and etc paved the way & made a difference to make the present & future better for more generations to come. We must know where we've been to be able to know how to get where we are going. If we don't recognize Black History it will eventually be lost . Resources http://oaklandlocal.com/article/why-we-should-recognize-black-history-month-community-voices

http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=black+history+phots&type=&vm=r "Black Is Beautiful!" Learn about Black History on your own not just in school, Read on! It is your responsibility. We owe it our ancestors, grandparents , parents, sisters, brothers, and etc to know where we come from. The Various "Malcolm X" Dr. Martian Luther King Jr." Born Malcolm Little in May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was an Afro-American Muslim minister human rights activist. He was a very courageous advocate for rights of blacks. He has been called one of the most greatest and most influential African American's in History. He became a member of the"Nation of Islam."He traveled to Africa & the Middle East & founded the Muslim Mosque, Inc and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. Dentzel Washington Played him in the movie called "x" back in 1993 as part of his biography.

In Feb 21, 1965 he was assassinated by three members of the Organization of Afro-American Unity group. He preached daily about crimes against black Americans. Detractors accused him of preaching racism, black supremacy Malcolm expressed racism and expressed willingness to work with civil rights leaders like Martin Luther king Jr and etc, though still emphasizing black self-determination and self-defense to stand up for freedom & equal rights! Nation of Islam OUT OF Many "Montgomery Bus Boycott" Mississippi's Own Emmett Louis Till Born Emmett Louis Till who was a Chicago, Illinois native & was visiting his relatives one summer in the Ms Delta at the age of 14 was later brutally murdered for flirting with a white woman by the name of 21-year-old Carolyn Bryant, the married proprietor of a small grocery store there. His body was found in the Tallahatchie River 3 days later. Thousands attended public funeral service with an open casket to show the world his battered face & show the brutality of the killing.

Pictures of Till were published in black magazines and newspapers, rallying popular black support and white sympathy across the U.S. Intense scrutiny was brought to bear on the condition of black civil rights in Mississippi. His mother Mamie Till Bradley continued to fight for justice of her son's death until her 2003. She played a very vital role in the Civil Rights Movement as well. "Mississippi Burning" Born: Rosa Louise McCauley in (Feb 4, 1913) in Tuskegee ,AL. Parks was an African-American civil rights activist, whom the U.S. Congress called "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement". On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake's order that she give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled. Parks was not the first person to resist bus segregation.

The first four rows of seats on each Montgomery bus were reserved for whites. Buses had "colored" sections for black people generally in the rear of the bus, although blacks comprised more than 75% of the ridership. If white people were already sitting in the front, black people had to board at the front to pay the fare, then disembark and reenter through the rear door. "ROSA PARKS" This act Fueled the "Montgomery Bus Boycott" & She became an international icon of resistance to racial segregation. She organized and collaborated with other civil rights leaders. She gained national prominence in the civil rights movement to lead the fight to equal rights for African Americas to be able to sit where they wanted to on public transportation like buses and etc. "Black History Has Many Faces" Remember Black Is Beautiful! Why Must We Learn About This History?
Sun Up To Sun Down "Black Share Croppers" We've Sure Come A Long Way James Earl J.E. Chaney from Meridian, Ms was an active American Civil Rights Worker during the " Freedom Summer" movement, "Freedom Ride." He participated in many Non-Violent demonstrations fighting for racial equality. He & two other fellow freedom workers were killed near Philadelphia, Ms in 1964.

In 1967, the US government went to trial, charging ten men with conspiracy to deprive the three murdered men of their civil rights under the Force Act of 1870, the only federal law then applying to the case. The jury convicted seven men, including Deputy Sheriff Price, and three were acquitted, including Edgar Ray Killen. (May 30, 1943 – June 21, 1964), "Black Musicians Have Paved The Way" I said Get on The Back of the Bus! "People Get Ready, A Change Gone Come" Sam Cooke Billie Holiday "Staple Singers" "During The Movement" Curtis Mayfield Marvin Gaye Black Musicians Have Paved The Way" Beyonce Knowles Tina Turner Famous Black Actors "Striking With A Purpose" Dorothy Dandridge Harry Belefonte http://www.angelfire.com/ak/sellassie/music.html Micheal Bob Marley James Brown Whitney Dark TiMES In African American History Denzel Sidney Poitier Richard Pryor Oprah Eddie "Maya Angelou's Poem" Less Opportunites Then "Lord Almighty! Our Times Have A story To Tell" "James Meredith At Ole Miss" Freedom Riders http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/poets/m_r/randall/birmingham.htm "I Have A Dream Speech" "March For Freedom" "Martin Luther King Being Arrested" "The Family Times" New Beginnings 'Sometimes Pictures Speak A Thousand Words" Sixteen Street Baptist Church Sept 15, 1963 A chruch in Birmingham, AL was bombed killing, 4 Black Girls were killed. Sparked action In the Civil Rights Movement in the south. Selma , AL March President Barack Obama Elected 1st African American President in History A free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wing
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks
down his narrow cage
can seldom see through
his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing. The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.

The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn bright lawn
and he names the sky his own
But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing. The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom. "Racisim Was Strong " If Your Crop Don't Come in, We don't Eat! Share cropping was very hard work. In the blazing sun (Dusk to dawn) plowing the field. Blisters on my feet, blisters on my hands, But we can't stop, we gotta keep on moving. Little chance for education for the field hand children . Many couldn't read or write. This was the only way to make a living. Driving mules in the dirt all day men and women young or old. Lord, picking Cotton was a task. Be very thankful we have more opportunites today! Starting From Scratch Jazz, The Great , The Legendary! "Ella Fitzgerald, The First Lady of Song" Duke Ellington Cab Calloway Lena Horne Josephine Baker "It Don't Mean A Thang , If You Ain't Got That Swing!" Do Whop wow!. "Don't Forget The Roads We Have Paved" Bill Cosby Halle Berry Ain't We Lucky We Got'em Goodtimes, Yeah! Red Foxx Television "African Americans In Sports" Jackie Robinson Ali Joe Lewis Flo Jo Jackie Joyner-Kersee Frederick Douglas Harriet Tubman Frederick Douglass (1818-95) was a prominent American abolitionist, author and orator. Born a slave, Douglass escaped at age 20 and went on to become a world-renowned anti-slavery activist. His three autobiographies are considered important works of the slave narrative tradition as well as classics of American autobiography. Douglass' work as a reformer ranged from his abolitionist activities in the early 1840s to his attacks on Jim Crow and lynching in the 1890s. For 16 years he edited an influential black newspaper and achieved international fame as an inspiring and persuasive speaker and writer. Medger Evers http://www.history.com/topics/frederick-douglass Voyage To Mecca The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African-American military aviators in the United States armed forces. During World War II, African Americans in many U.S. states were still subject to the Jim Crow laws The American military was racially segregated, as was much of the federal government. The Tuskegee Airmen were subjected to racial discrimination, both within and outside the army. Despite these adversities, they trained and flew with distinction. All black military pilots who trained in the United States trained at Tuskegee, including five Haitians. Born Medger Wiley Everswas an African-American civil rights activist from Mississippi involved in efforts to overturn segregation at the University of Mississippi. He became active in the civil rights movement after returning from overseas service in World War II and completing secondary education; he became a field secretary for the NAACP. Evers was assassinated by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the White Citizens' Council. As a veteran, Evers was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. His murder and the resulting trials inspired civil rights protests, as well as numerous works of art, music, and film. "Who Will Cry For The Little Boy" Born Araminta Harriet Ross, in Dorchester County, maryland was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War. Born into slaver.Tubman escaped and subsequently made more than thirteen missions to rescue more than 70 slaves[1] using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. She later helped John Brown recruit men for his raid on Harpers Ferry, and in the post-war era struggled for women's suffrage. Tubman was beaten by masters to whom she was hired out. Early in her life, she suffered a severe head wound when hit by a heavy metal weight. The injury caused disabling seizures, , headaches, and powerful visionary and dream experiences, which occurred throughout her life. A devout Christian, Tubman ascribed the visions and vivid dreams to revelations from God. She died at age 93. 1820-1913 Born Into Slavery "Traveling by night, Tubman (or "Moses", as she was called) "never lost a passenger" Historical Sayings With Meanings: : "I prayed all night long for my master," she said later, "till the first of March; and all the time he was bringing people to look at me, and trying to sell me." When it appeared as though a sale was being concluded, she switched tactics. "I changed my prayer," she said. "First of March I began to pray, 'Oh Lord, if you ain't never going to change that man's heart, kill him, Lord, and take him out of the way." Harriet Tubman Once Said: Pay Attention: George Washington Carver January 1864-1943 Was an American scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor. The exact day and year of his birth are unknown; he is believed to have been born into slavery in Missouri in January 1864.

Carver's reputation is based on his research into and promotion of alternative crops to cotton, such as peanuts, soybeans and sweet potatoes, which also aided nutrition for farm families.

He wanted poor farmers to grow alternative crops both as a source of their own food and as a source of other products to improve their quality of life. The most popular of his 44 practical bulletins for farmers contained 105 food recipes using peanuts.

He also developed and promoted about 100 products made from peanuts that were useful for the house and farm, including cosmetics, dyes, paints, plastics, gasoline, and nitroglycerin. He received numerous honors for his work, including the Spingarn Medal of the NAACP. Martin Luther King Jr, "Let, No man Pull You LOW enough to hate him" Malcolm X "If you want something you better make some noise." Jesse Jackson Jesse Jackson "If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.” He is an American civil rights activist and Baptist minister. He was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and 1988 and served as a shadow U.S. Senator for the District of Columbia from 1991 to 1997. He is the founder of the organizations that merged to form Rainbow/PUSH. Former U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. is his eldest son. Jackson was also the host of Both Sides with Jesse Jackson on CNN 1992-2000. He Marched with Dr. Martian Luther King During the Movement. "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.” Unity "CAGED BIRD" Jackson, Ms Free States & Slave States "Deep South" "Rosa Parks" (In Yellow) (In Red) When We Were Slaves: Was a system under which African Americans were treated as property to be bought and sold off & forced to work. Slaves were held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave. Many worked on large plantations and in plantation houses. The first slaves were introduced into the English-American colonies by a Dutch trader, who, in 1619 sold twenty of them to the settlers at Jamestown, Va. Slavery spread quickly in the American colonies. Some slaves managed to become free after several years of service. The continuing demand for African slaves' labor arose from the development of plantation agriculture, the long-term rise in prices and consumption of sugar, and the demand for miners. Not only did Africans represent skilled laborers, but they were also experts in tropical agriculture. Slave Auction http://www.sonofthesouth.net/slavery/history-slavery.htm http://www.innercity.org/holt/slavechron.html 1619-1830 Various Top Civil Rights Workers/ Activist Top Influential Black Professionals During 1970's The Great African American Musicians Blacks In Sports! Black Actors Lights, Camera, Action!! "Sport Greats" NBA Madame C.J.Walker Booker T. Washington Was born into a former-slave family household. Madam Walker was an entrepreneur who built her empire developing hair care products for black women. She became an inspiration to many black women. Fully recognizing the power of her wealth and success she lectured to promote her business which in turn empowered other women in business.She gave lectures on black issues at conventions sponsored by powerful black institutions. She also encouraged black Americans to support the cause of World War I and worked to have black veterans granted full respect. She stressed that her products were simply an attempt to help black women take proper care of their hair and promote its growth. http://www.lkwdpl.org/wihohio/walk-mad.htm Initiated Black Hair Care (April 5, 1856 – November 14, 1915) Was an African-American educator, author, and advisor to Republican presidents. He was the dominant leader in the African-American community in the United States from 1890 to 1915. He spoke on the large majority for African Americans who lived in the South & had lost their ability to vote. He also had a powerful network of supporters called the "Tuskegee Machine. Musicians "Muddy Waters" Etta James "At Last" Tupac "The Temptations" David Ruffin Diana Ross James Earl Jones "Black Beauty In Acting Hollywood" ___Micheal Jai White Angela Basset BiLLY Dee Williams Will Smith Jada Jaimee Foxx Samuel L. Jackson Tyler Perry Sojourner Truth Morgan Micheal Jordan Kobe Bryant Dewayne Wade Majic Charles Barkley Tami Terrell African Americans In Vietnam Vietnam War Era "Military Times" Was it A Black Man's War? Black Unity LCDR Benjamin Cloud Fighter Pilot In Vietnam "Taking A Look Back" Colin Powell in Vietnam Negros In World War I VIETNAM "Black Soul" Real Life Black Widow Spider Found In Vietnam (Soldiers fought: The enemy & nature/ insects) Ali Protesting Malaria Snakes Mosquitos Parasites Nurses in Vietnam Vietnam Facts Vietnam coincided with the protests of the Civil Rights Movement and the rise of Black Power during 1960s America. Whilst African-Americans were discriminated at home but also within the U.S. armed forces, the effects of black power, the impact of the Civil Rights struggle and “the resurgence of black sub-cultural style, expressed through dress, language and gesture”[i], had been transferred to the war zone. Amidst increasing tension, black soldiers embraced Black Power: culturally and politically. Vietnam was America’s first racially integrated conflict. Black soldiers had fought in all of America’s previous military encounters, but in segregated units. However, a small number of segregated units still existed, and “an officerless and forgotten platoon of anxious black G.I.s despairingly shooting into the darkness…in the last American outpost on the border between Vietnam and Cambodia”[ii] was movingly portrayed in the film Apocalypse Now. http://www.americansc.org.uk/online/vietnam_civil_rights.htm Lebron James "Berry Gordy" Founder: Was a very prominent African American record producer, and songwriter. He remains best known however as the founder of the legendary Motown record label. He hails from Detriot Michigan the motor city. Berry Gordy II was first lured to Detroit by the many job opportunities for black people offered by booming automotive businesses back in those days.He developed his interest in music by writing songs and opening the 3-D Record Mart. Gordy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.
www.berrygordy.com He discovered Many African American entertainers and so on. MOTOWN RECORDS, Inc. The young Berry Gordy "Various Motown Legends" Singers That Made History!!! Dianna Ross & Supremes Smokey Robinson Detriot, Michigan Founder Berry Gordy MJ Gladys Knight Boys To Men Eddie Kendricks "Where It All Started" "1959" "Beats & Hits with Signature Sounds" Movies That Depicted Black History & Civil Rights Men Of Honor Cuba Gooding, Jr "Motion Pictures" Lights , Camera, Action! "Blues Brothers" Shaq Underground Railroad She was the self-given name, from 1843 onward, of Isabella Baumfree, an African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist. Truth was born into slavery in Swartekill, Ulster County, New York, but escaped with her infant daughter to freedom in 1826.

Her best-known extemporaneous speech on gender inequalities, "Ain't I a Woman?", was delivered in 1851 at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. During the Civil War, Truth helped recruit black troops for the Union Army; after the war, she tried unsuccessfully to secure land grants from the federal government for former slaves "Aint I A Woman" That man over there say
a woman needs to be helped into carriages
and lifted over ditches
and to have the best place everywhere.
Nobody ever helped me into carriages
or over mud puddles
or gives me a best place. . .

And ain't I a woman?
Look at me
Look at my arm!
I have plowed and planted
and gathered into barns
and no man could head me. . .
And ain't I a woman?
I could work as much
and eat as much as a man--
when I could get to it--
and bear the lash as well
and ain't I a woman?
I have born 13 children
and seen most all sold into slavery
and when I cried out a mother's grief
none but Jesus heard me. . .
and ain't I a woman?
that little man in black there say
a woman can't have as much rights as a man
cause Christ wasn't a woman
Where did your Christ come from?
From God and a woman!
Man had nothing to do with him!
If the first woman God ever made
was strong enough to turn the world
upside down, all alone
together women ought to be able to turn it
rightside up again. Sojourner Truth Carl Brashear (January 19, 1931 – July 25, 2006) Brashear enlisted in the U.S. Navy on February 25, 1948, shortly after the Navy had been desegregated by President Truman. He graduated from the U.S. Navy Diving & Salvage School in 1954, becoming the first African-American to attend and graduate from the Diving & Salvage School and the first African-American U.S. Navy Diver.[1] Brashear was also the first African-American U.S. Navy Master Diver and the first amputee diver to be certified or re-certified as a U.S. Navy diver.[3] Cuba Gooding Jr. Played him in is auto biography movie " Men of Honor" in 2001. Louis Farakhan Is the leader of the syncretic and mainly African-American religious movement the Nation of Islam (NOI). He served as the minister of major mosques in Boston and Harlem, and was appointed by the longtime NOI leader, Elijah Muhammad.

Farrakhan is a black religious and social leader. Farrakhan has been both praised and widely criticized for his often controversial political views and outspoken rhetorical style. In October 1995, he organized and led the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., calling on black men to renew their commitments to their families and communities. Due to health issues, in 2007, Farrakhan reduced his responsibilities with the NOI. "Million Man MARCH" The Million Man March, considered one of the most important modern events of African-American civil rights,[according to whom?] was a gathering of social activists, en masse, held on and around the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on October 16, 1995.

The National African American Leadership Summit, a leading group of civil rights activists and the Nation of Islam working in conjunction with scores of civil rights organizations including many local chapters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (but not the national NAACP) formed the Million Man March Organizing Committee. The founder of the National African American Leadership Summit, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr. served as National Director of the Million Man March. REAL Black History Timeline Continued: Pam Grier The Various 1951-1959 (1951)-•Linda Brown, an 8-year-old girl in Topeka, Kansas, lives within walking distance of a whites-only elementary school. Because of segregation, she has to travel by bus to a more distant school for African-American children. Her father sues the school board of Topeka, and the U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear the case. (1953)-The Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tenn., which runs workshops on organizing protests for individuals such as union organizers, issues invitations to civil rights workers. (1954)-The Supreme Court decides Brown v. Board of Education on May 17, arguing that "separate but equal" schools are inherently unequal. The decision declares legal school segregation unconstitutional. Black History Events Timeline Continued:
(1955)- Rosa Parks attends a workshop for civil rights organizers at the Highlander Folk School in July.

•On August 28, Emmett Till, a 14-year-old African-American boy from Chicago, is killed near Money, Mississippi, for allegedly whistling at a white woman.

•In November, the Federal Interstate Commerce Commission proscribes segregation on interstate buses and trains.

•On December 1, Rosa Parks refuses to give her seat to a white passenger on a bus in Montgomery, Ala., sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

•The Montgomery Improvement Association elects Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, as president on December 5 in order to lead the boycott Black History Events Timeline Continued: (1956)-In January and February, whites angry about the Montgomery Bus Boycott bomb four African-American churches and the homes of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King and E.D. Nixon.
•On court order, the University of Alabama admits its first African-American student, Autherine Lucy, but finds legal ways to prevent her attendance.
•On Nov. 13, the Supreme Court upholds an Alabama district court ruling in favor of the Montgomery bus boycotters.
•The Montgomery Bus Boycott ends in December, having successfully integrated Montgomery's buses (1957)

•Martin Luther King helps found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) in January. The organization's purpose is to fight for civil rights, and King is elected its first president.

•The governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus, obstructs the integration of Little Rock High School, using the National Guard to block the entry of nine students. President Eisenhower orders federal troops to integrate the school.

•Congress passes the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which creates the Civil Rights Commission and authorizes the Justice Department to investigate cases of African Americans being denied voting rights in the South. Resources Continued: (1958)

•The Supreme Court decision Cooper v. Aaron rules that a threat of mob violence is not reason enough to delay school desegregation.


•Martin Luther King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, visit India, the homeland of Mahatma Gandhi, who won independence for India through nonviolent tactics. King discusses the philosophy of nonviolence with Gandhi's followers. "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock Landed on us!" Malcolm X http://afroamhistory.about.com/od/timelines/a/50sCVTimeline.htm W. E.B DU BOIS Born William Edward Burghardt "W. E. B." Du Bois was an American sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, author and editor. Born in western Massachusetts, Du Bois grew up in a tolerant community and experienced little racism as a child. After graduating from Harvard, where he was the first African American to earn a doctorate, he became a professor of history, sociology and economics at Atlanta University. Du Bois was one of the co-founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909.Du Bois rose to national prominence as the leader of the Niagara Movement, a group of African-American activists who wanted equal rights for blacks.Racism was the main target of Du Bois's polemics, and he strongly protested against lynching, Jim Crow laws, and discrimination in education and employment. (February 23, 1868 – August 27, 1963) Jim Crow Plantation Foods The slaves in the cotton plantations grew their own food, they were given their own plot of land to grow the food so as well as having to work all day they then had to grow and cook their own food. On this bit of land, they could grow anything that they wanted to and they could also keep animals on it as well.

Sometimes their owners would give them pots and pans to cook in but all of these cost money and they didn't really want to spend more money that they had to on them so they usually had to make their own in their free time.

The slave's meals wouldn't always be good, it would only be good if they had a good harvest and if they had a bad harvest then that was really bad because they would have to wait until the next harvest time before they got any decent food.

The slave's owner would usually give them a little meat and maybe some corn bread. Sometimes the children would go and fish in the river. They would drink water from the river and that they had to boil because the water in the river might not always be clean and unsafe unless boiled. Various Plantation Foods
"Taste of the South" http://voices.yahoo.com/foods-america-african-slave-trade-5033428.html Corn
Black Eyed Peas
Sweet Potatoes
Sugar Cane
Sweetened Rice Cakes
Rice The Jim Crow laws were state and local laws in the United States enacted between 1876 and 1965. They mandated de jure racial segregation in all public facilities in Southern states of the former Confederacy, with, starting in 1890, a "separate but equal" status for African Americans.The separation in practice led to conditions for African Americans that tended to be inferior to those provided for white Americans, systematizing a number of economic, educational and social disadvantages.

Some examples of Jim Crow laws are the segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation, and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks. The U.S. military was also segregated. Videos http://video.about.com/afroamhistory/Profile-of-Rosa-Parks.htm 1. Profile of Rosa Parks:
About.com http://video.about.com/afroamhistory/Profile-of-Harriet-Tubman.htm 2. Profile of Harriet Tubman
About.com http://video.about.com/afroamhistory/Profile-of-W-E-B-Du-Bois.htm 3. Profile of W.E.B Du Bois Videos Cont: http://video.about.com/afroamhistory/Overview-of-The-Great-Migration.htm 4.The Great Migration
(About.com) http://video.about.com/afroamhistory/Profile-of-Frederick-Douglass.htm United We Stand Proud! 5.Profile of Frederick Douglass http://video.about.com/afroamhistory/Overview-of-Segregation.htm 6.Overview of Segregation (About.com) Videos Cont: (Black History:)
1.http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=259636 Teacher Tube Videos: 2.http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?title=I_Have_a_Dream_Black_History_Month_video_project_ll&video_id=73068 (I Have a Dream Black History Month video project II Students ) 3.http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?title=Black_History_Rap&video_id=103039 (Black History Rap:) 4.http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=105895 (Vietnam War) President Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama born (August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. He served three terms representing the 13th District in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004, running unsuccessfully for the United States House of Representatives in 2000. Power Freedom In These Times Klu Klux Klan The Tuskegee Airmen is the popular name of a group of African-American pilots who fought in World War II. Formally, they formed the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bombardment Group of the United States Army Air Corps (United States Army Air Forces after 20 June 1941). KKK The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), informally known as the Klan, is the name of three distinct past and present far-right organizations in the United States, which have advocated extremist reactionary currents such as white supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration, historically expressed through terrorism.

Since the mid-20th century, the KKK has also been anti-communist. The current manifestation is splintered into several chapters with no connections between each other; it is classified as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.[12] It is estimated to have between 3,000 and 5,000 members as of 2012.[13] The KKK opposed the Civil Rights Movement and progress among minorities. Learn Your History! Slavery Black Athletes Continued: The Late Steve Mcnair (February 14, 1973 – July 4, 2009), NfL Aka Air Mcnair OJ simpson Lala Ali Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens) Reggie Bush Part Lesson Lesson Part Lesson Vietnam Map "Breaking Down Barriers" The End! During the 1940's (December 23, 1867 – May 25, 1919), (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955) (July 2, 1925 – June 12, 1963) 1865-1870's 1st Klan
1915-1944 2nd Klan
Klan has stood since 1946 Born May 11,1933 October 8, 1941 Born Exact date of Birth Unknown (1797 – November 26, 1883) The Vietnam War was a Cold War -era military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. Born Nov 28, 1929 (May 19,1925-Feb 21, 1965) (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) Squash 1890's & etc Lasting Quotes "I am America. I am the part you won't recognize. But get used to me. Black, confident, cocky; my name, not yours; my religion, not yours; my goals, my own; get used to me."
-- Muhammad Ali The Greatest (1975) "Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise."
-- Maya Angelou "Still I rise," And Still I Rise (1978) "Just like you can buy grades of silk, you can buy grades of justice."
-- Ray Charles "There is no negro problem. The problem is whether the American people have loyalty enough, honor enough, patriotism enough, to live up to their own constitution."..
-- Frederick Douglass "The past is a ghost, the future a dream. All we ever have is now."
-- Bill Cosby "Do not call for black power or green power. Call for brain power."
-- Barbara Jordan "Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better."
-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminshes fear."
-- Rosa Parks "God gives nothing to those who keep their arms crossed."
-- African Proverb http://www.chiff.com/a/black-history-quotes.htm Alex Hayley (August 11, 1921 – February 10, 1992) Was an American writer. He is best known as the author of Roots: The Saga of an American Family and the co-author of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. He became a journalist after serving Coast Guard. He eventually became a senior editor for Reader's Digest.A memorial depicting Haley reading a story to young children gathered at his feet has since been erected in the center of Annapolis.Roots was eventually published in 37 languages, and Haley won a Special Award for the work in 1977 from the Pulitzer Board. The Pioneers The Pioneers Videos Continued: http://www.brainpop.com/socialstudies/famoushistoricalfigures/martinlutherkingjr/ 1.Martin Luther King Jr. http://www.brainpop.com/socialstudies/ushistory/harlemrenaissance/ 2. Harlem Renaissance Brain Pop http://havefunwithhistory.com/HistorySubjects/africanAmericans.html Have Fun With History (Various Videos) (Cartoons) The Harlem Renissance This was a time period that was an important cultural movement that spanned around the 1920s. At the time, it was known as the "New Negro Movement", named after the 1925 anthology by Alain Locke.Though it was centered in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, many French-speaking black writers from African and Caribbean colonies who lived in Paris were also influenced by the Harlem Renaissance.

Many in the Harlem Renaissance were part of the Great Migration out of the South into the Negro neighborhoods of the North and Midwest. African Americans sought a better standard of living and relief from the institutionalized racism in the South. Others were people of African descent from racially stratified communities in the Caribbean who came to the United States hoping for a better life. Uniting most of them was their convergence in Harlem, New York City. More Harlem Renissance Images: 1930's Harlem Art
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