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No description

Diana Gonzalez

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Finance

Why Finance ?
Gene Haas
Graduated from CSUN in 1975 with a BS in Finance and Accounting
Finance Student Organization
ALPFA expands opportunities for students by:
Empowering them to develop as leaders through the management of students chapters.
Delivering quality student programs focused on professional development.
Providing access to the industry network of professional members and sponsors.
Diana Gonzalez
Orbel Sarkisian
Sarkis Semerdjian
Giovani Tjoe
Stephanie Bellasalma
Emanuel Gomez

Learn how to make financial decisions
Minimum requirements to major in Finance
CSUN opens the door to world class companies and programs.
Exchange programs in London, New York and Hong Kong
PennyMac Summer Internship

CSUN Career Education and Professional Development Center
Internships give students an opportunity to explore possible careers, hone their skills and interact with established professionals.
Founded Hass Automation which is now the largest machine tool manufacturer in the United States. Sales for 2008 were just under $1 billion.
Has a net worth of 250 million dollars, owns a nascar and formula one team.
The Haas Foundation donates to; education, scholarship, and veterans.
Donates yearly to the lab in Jacaranda Hall that is named after him.
Career Options

Investment banking
Financial adviser
corporate management

Starting Salary

Finance has an average starting salary of $57,000 after graduation

By choosing a degree in Finance you will be able to benefit from this decision in the long run.
You will be able to manage your budget and make better financial decisions in your personal life to meet your financial goals.
Your Financial goals may include: Buying your dream car or home, saving for your children's college education or planning for retirement.

Life After College
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