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No description

Taijean Moodie

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of SOUL EATER

What are kishins? What is a meister? What is soul eater? What are death scythe's? SOUL EATER Meister Black star
and Weapon Tsubaki
NakaTsukasa Meister Death the kid
and his two Weapons
Patrica Thompson and
Elizabeth Thompson I got this Information
from THANKS FOR WATCHING! ^0^ Soul eater Main Characters and their partners Soul eater is an anime (Japanese show) series and a Manga series (Japanese book)
the manga was the first before the anime the manga was made in June 24 2003 by Atsushi Okubo. And the anime series was made in April 7 2008 and directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by bones, antiplex, Dentsu, Media factory and TV Tokyo. The anime was based on the manga series created by Atsushi Okubo. Soul Eater is about Meisters and thier weapons
trying to collect 99 Kishin egg souls and one witch soul to turn their weapons into death scythe's while distroying the kishin
eggs so that the Kishin will not be reborn into their world Meisters are people trained to sense
and to see souls in an alive humans at DWMA
(Death Weapon Meister Academy) they
Have the ability to amplify the power of
the weapon by matching their soul wave
lengths What are the so called Weapons? Most of you think the weapons
are just guns and swords correct?
But no they are humans that can
turn into magic weapons.
this all started when Arachne
(a antagonist and a witch) she
killed other witches took their souls
collected some weapons and humans
and put them together. So you can say
she is a mother of all magic weapons.
when the meister and weapon match soul
wave length's they become move powerful Arachne maka and soul
evans soul resedence Death scythe's are Magic
weapons who have collected
all 99 kishin egg souls and one
witch soul. they do not need a
meister to amplify their powers
because they are now strong
enough to fight on their own Death scythe
in action Kishins are the creations of
madness and fear they were
first created when a man named
Asura part of lord death's team
(the eight first meisters) was afraid
of death (not lord death the death when you die) so he wanted to become stronger so he broke the law and ate a human soul so lord death could not kill him because he was immortal so lord death ripped his skin off and sealed him in it Asura Lord death Meister Maka Albarn
and Weapon Soul Eater Evans Maka Albarn Soul Eater Evans Maka is the meister
of soul eater evans she
is the main character of
soul eater she also intelligent
and brave when it come to
battles. soul he is Maka Albarn
weapon he is the
secondary main character
in the anime he always
saying things like "this is not
cool" or "I'm always cool"
his weapon form is a scythe soul's weapon form Black Star Black star is not the main character he is a secondary character and the first meister to
not able to see
souls in alive people
but he is the strongest
meister in the academy
but the most stupid
on one of his missions
when he was supposed
to be "silent but deadly"
but he jumped out of nowhere and said "yaaaahhooo!!! I'm the top assassin black star!" and the enemy started to shoot but he
is the only kid meister able to use soul force
(soul force is made when he uses his soul to
make a shock wave) Tsubaki nakatuskasa Tsubaki is the other unique character
in stead of one weapon form she has
6. She is the most forgiving and is
a calm and nicest character on the
anime she is also a secondary character chain scythe mode dummy star mode ninja sword mode shuriken mode smoke bomb mode enchanted sword mode Death The Kid Patrica Thompson Elizabeth Thompson Believe it or not Death The Kid
Is Lord Death's son! He is crazy
about Symmetry if something
is not symmetry he go's insane
before he won a battle and he
spit up blood why? he was not
touched at all it was because
part of his hair cut of and it was not
symmetry anymore he is an interesting
secondary character Death the kid freaking
out of not symmetry The hunters are made with soul
residence Hunters l lvl1 witch hunter lvl2 genie hunter lvl3 kishin
hunter (used
in last episode) Patrica is an childish character you
can say she is always playing and
not in a good time to she is some time
scary but people can get used to her
though she is also Elizabeth's younger
sister. she is a pistol in her weapon form. patrica and Elizabeth's weapon form pat being scary Elizabeth Thompson is death
the kid's second weapon
she is calm most of the time
but some time really scared like
when she saw a ghost she is also a
pistol she mostly cares about her
looks but most of the time she has
to look after death the kid because
he always freaks out of non symmetry soul eater wiki,watching all 51 episodes
of soul eater and YouTube I hope this encouraged
some people to watch
anime more! BYE!! Maka's kishin hunter maka's witch hunter fail black star using enchanted sword Death the kid death cannon part 1 Death the kid death
cannon part 2 Death the kid, Patrica and Elizabeth residence I repeat he is not naked he is in his soul form in the
world they go in when they transform if you can't be mature about this do not watch the video I repeat again she is not naked she is in her soul form in the world they go in when they transform if you can't be mature about this do not watch the video I repeat she is not naked she is in her soul form in the world they go in when they transform if you can't be mature about this do not watch the video I repeat she is not naked she is in her soul form in the world they go in when they transform if you can't be mature about this do not watch the video
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