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Agent Based Models

No description

Jason Kline

on 29 September 2010

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Transcript of Agent Based Models

Agent Based Models by jason kline What are
agent based models?

They are a method
of simulating a system of
individuals and how they
interact with eachother
and their environment.

What is an agent?

Any individual or
"entity" in the simulation that
performs an action Key Elements and Properties - Individual agents
Agents have internal properties
-these influence behavior
Rules of behavior and interaction
Emergent Behavior
-includes boundaries, obstacles, etc History John Von Neumann -
Conceptually conceived ABMs in the late 1940
Started with a self replicating machine idea
The Von Neumann Machine Cellular Automata Stanislaw Ulam John Conway's
Game of Life Rise of Computers Robert Axelrod's
Prisoner's Dilemma

Competitive demo of Game Theory Craig Reynold's

Biological representation and research ABMs as a means to study social phenomena and economics Christopher
Ant and Loop

Order in Chaos Artificial Life Examples of ABMs Spore http://www.greenteapress.com/compmod/html/book009.html Tierra MATSim Open source traffic simulation
-large scale maps
-observe individuals and entirity
-data tracking http://www.spore.com/what http://life.ou.edu/tierra/ Modeled the adaptation and fitness of computer programs Develop and control
virtual organisms in a
world populated by
other species Agent based models are great
for simulating scenarios that
feature many interactions or
random chance. Examples include
Animal Behaviors
Natural Occurences
Physics Interactions
etc............................ BOIDS Heat Bugs Fire Escape Simulation
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