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Freak the Mighty Compare and Contrast


Nicole Farley

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty Compare and Contrast

Freak the Mighty

The Mighty

When Kevin and Max went to get Loretta's purse, Kevin wore a Darth Vador costume. He wanted Max to wear his mom's blouse.
Gwen talked to Max after Kevin died. She said his heart got too big for his body. Max is mad that Kevin didn't get a new body, but Kevin had known he never would.
Blade went into the lake with a knife. He tried to get to Max and Kevin, but Max rescued Kevin by going farther into the mucky water.
Kevin said, "It talks." to Max when they first saw each other at their houses. They weren't friends yet.
Kevin showed Max the place where he said he would get a new body. In the end, though he did not.
Grim gave Max coffee after Blade and Max ran in the lake.
Kevin choked at home on chop suey. He was eating way too fast and was talking to Max. That caused the choking.
Kevin choked at school on chop suey. Max was very upset. He said next time he would stop Kevin from eating it that fast.
Blade got caught by the cops, and Max got called a hero. Grim and Gran are happy.
Kenny Kane said,"They poisoned your mind against me." He said this when he first saw Max.
Max and Kevin got the purse all wet. Plus the purse didn't have any money in it, so Lorreta thought they stole the money.
Kevin and Max got the purse dry. The purse had money in it, so when Lorreta saw that, and she was thankful that they had done that.
Before Kevin died he gave Max a journal to write down their adventures in. That night he got it he put it in the pyramid box for safe keeping until later. Then he wanted to write.
Max carried Kevin on his shoulders. He first did this when Kevin couldn't see the fireworks. They continued to do that ever since.
Kevin died in a hospital. Max was upset and angry, and went on a rampage.
Kevin and Max stayed at Lorreta and Iggy's house for a little while. They talked about how Iggy knew Max's father.
Kevin died at home, in his bed. Max chased after the ambulance. Then Max went to the place were Kevin said he would get a new body. It was a laundromat instead.
Freak the Mighty
Mrs. Farley
Kevin and Max left Loretta and Iggy's house right away, after Max broke down the door. Max was mad about them talking about his father. Max wanted to leave right away because he was mad.
"Old Killer Kane" came to Max's house and took Max with him. He kidnapped Max but was still pretending to be "friendly."
Kevin said pain is a state of mind. This among one of his smart sayings. But there was way more. He also uses big words all the time.
Kevin said you can think your way out of anything, even pain.
Kevin came to rescue Max from Killer Kane. He brought a squirt gun. Kevin said there was sulfuric acid in his squirt gun, but it was actually soap, vinegar, and curry powder.
Loretta said, "Nothing is a drag, kid. Think about it."
Loretta Lee brought Kenny Kane and Max a leftover pizza. They were staying in an old lady's apartment because she was gone for a while.
Kevin and Max get the purse out of the sewer, but Max actually went into the sewer to get it. After that Blade and his gang tried to attack them.
Kevin an Max got the purse out of the sewer. They hooked onto it by using a string with a paper clip attached. They pulled it up.
Kevin and Max wore all black to go get the purse to bring to Loretta.
Kevin gave Max a journal to write down their adventures in. It said Freak the Mighty on the cover.
Dr. Spivak talked to Max after Kevin died. She explained to Max that Kevin's heart got too big for his body. Max was still very upset.
Compare and Contrast
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