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Lowrider Culture

Lowrider culture is more than cars that jump it consists of art, clothing, and music!

edgar garay

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of Lowrider Culture

Lowrider Culture About Lowrider Culture Lowriders are cars that are fixed up to make them hop in the air. Most people think its just cars that that jump, but really it consists of more then that. Lowrider Culture consists of art, music, and clothing! The Lowriders The Lowrider is a style of cars that originated from the "Chicano" or Mexican American community.The lowrider has a hydraulic suspension system that so that their ride can change height at the flip of a switch. Most times these lowriders are modified and custome made to compete in shows and events. Sometimes people that own lowriders get together with other lowrider owners to form a car club, most times these clubs compete agains other clubs at lowrider shows. Lowrider Clubs Why lowriders were built In the 1940-60 the lowriders were considered illegal because of how low they were. People came up with the idea of putting hydraulics on the car so this way the person could lift the car every time the police passed by. Special rims called spokes need to be put on a lowrider so they can hop. If a diffrent rims are added it can result in having the rims broken and/or an accident. Lowrider Bikes Lowrider cars are not the only kind of lowriders, bikes are also a big part of lowrider culture.In early days they were originally called choppers because they would get many parts of metal and put them together to make this unique kind of bike. Lowrider art Lowrider Art is a type of latin urban form of art that consists of urban street scenes, Mexican culture, and of coarse lowriders.Lowrider Art is very popular in the young latin american community especially teens.It also has its own magazine and website were people can enter drawings and have them published or posted on the page. If the drawing is really good you can also win alot of money in their conest's Lowrider Chlothing Lowrider Music Lowridre music is another big part of lowrider culture.Although it has'nt changed that much since the 90'. Lowrider music artists like Mr. Capone and South Park Mexican don't really rap new school they keep it old school and suprisingly they are some of the most famous hip hop artist in the latin communitty.Most of their songs are about lowriders so they play a big part in lowrider culture. The over all lowrider clothing or "swag" consists of dikie or solo pants, short or long sleeve dress shirts, nike cortez shoes, lowrider or loc shades, and long tube socks if they are wearing shorts. However in the 1940'-80' there was a style of lowrider clothing that was called pachuko or zuit suits. These pachukos or zuit suiters wore dress shoes with huge pants and a jaket, this was a style that was discriminated and hispanics would often get beat. Most people think lowriders are gang related but they dont know the history of how hard it was for it to be as popular as it is today. I hope I got people intrested in my project and I hope they found it intresting! THE END For Information im going to use google,TEL, lowridermagazine.com, and lowriderarte.com For my capstone I want to do lowriders.I chose this topic because lowriders are interesting but there is alot of things people dont know about them especially the culture. I also think i can get alot out of the topic. For example as i said lowriders consist of many things so thats why I want to do it.
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