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STAAR Short Answers

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Kristen Graves

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of STAAR Short Answers

STAAR Short Answers
What is a Short Answer?
It's an open-ended response to literature.
It is assessed on the STAAR EOC English I, II and III Exams.
Students traditionally perform poorly on this type of question.
What are we doing to help in 8th grade?
We are using A.C.E. to help students learn and remember how to respond to these types of questions.
Some Recent Student Samples
The message the author conveys is that some people are so caught up in their tradition they don’t realize they need to change. In “The Lottery”, at the end of the short story, Mrs. Hutchinson gets stoned to death and the people who are stoning her don’t realize that stoning people isn’t right. They are completely oblivious to how cruel and unusual stoning is because they believe that is the tradition. But obviously it needs to change so innocent people don’t continue to die.
What can you do?
6th Grade- Practice writing responses where students have to incorporate/ "cite" text evidence.
7th Grade- Practice single-selection Short Answers
8th Grade- Begin working on crossover Short Answers.
All use the same acronym!
We are grading our students' responses using the STAAR Rubric for Short Responses (peer and teacher evaluations + Short Answer Test).
And we are grading sample responses together, as a class.
Short Answers Scores in Texas
Why do students struggle with Short Answers?
Interpreting a text is a difficult skill.
An open-ended question means that there can be many right answers.
Graders of Short Answers look for 3 different things within one response.
There is a limit to how much you can write (10 Lines or 675 characters).
"3% - 5% of the students in Texas have scored a 3 on the field tests." - Caron St. Onge
Question: What message does the author convey in “The Lottery”?

The message that the author conveys in the story “The Lottery” is that sometimes people don’t do the right thing because they have done the wrong thing for so long. No one in the village would even dare to question the horrid malicious tradition of the lottery. They have held this tradition for so long that is is thought to be a very necessary part of their society. The author illustrates this when Old Man Warner responds to the idea of giving up the lottery with, “’There has ALWAYS been a lottery.’” They don’t even remember what the lottery is for and why they are doing it, but they will keep the tradition, no matter how horrible, because it is what they have always done.
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