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DOE STEM presentation

No description

Roxana Hadad

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of DOE STEM presentation

Discovering Healthcare Careers STEM Initiatives Chicago Teachers’ Center Now I know that I don't have to be a lawyer or a doctor - I can be a programmer or a robotics engineer." Vasuija, Mather H.S. Students participate in VEX robotics
competitions and learn physics, mathematics and computer programming. Middle and high school students participate in professional-level hands-on computer-aided design work for buildings and communities. Robotics Architecture GEAR UP Transition to High School Participants were found to have significantly higher rates of passing their first-semester 9th grade algebra classes.

Students were more likely to be ‘on-track’ to graduate from high school at the end of 9th grade than students who did not participate. 89% of GEAR UP seniors completed and submitted a FAFSA application.

Awarded over 30 million dollars in scholarship money for college.

Received 12 of the 24 Gates Foundation Scholarships awarded to students in Chicago Public Schools. GEAR UP Outcomes Essential to our success are strong partnerships. Students are exposed to block-based and javascript programming to create mobile applications for competitions. I made my own phone
app ... WHAT?!" Mobile Applications Jairo, Roosevelt H.S. Students learn game design concepts, programming, and using motion sensors to control their games. In addition, they interact with industry programmers and designers. Children's Memorial Hospital/GEAR UP
Partnership Shades for the Future Discovering Healthcare Careers Participating Departments Increasing Exposure to STEM Careers Game Design and Development Students attending the STEAM conference engage in innovative career-oriented and project-based workshops from a variety of STEM content areas. STEAM Conference It is great to meet people that do the work we are learning as part of their real jobs" Founded in 1978
Academic educational unit of Northeastern Illinois University’s College of Education
Innovators in creating model programs that translate visions for school improvement into concrete action. College Access & STEM Careers Early exposure to healthcare careers ignites a passion for education and future careers. Opportunities to work in the hospital
Open to all students Six-week summer program
Bilingual Latino students
Morning interactive classroom sessions
Afternoon shadowing in departments
25% of DHC participants have been employed by Children's Memorial Hospital An evolving partnership
Youth Experiencing Success
Pipeline for future employees
Model for future collaborations About CTC@NEIU Angel, J.S. Morton East H.S. Science | Technology | Engineering | Architecture | Math ¡Un poco más! Attending student Damaris, J.S. Morton East Engagement,Retention, Academic Growth,
Tech Skills and Career Mentoring I was expected to design
a floor plan as part of a
world competition." Jose, Saucedo Elementary Scholastic School [GEAR UP staff] had my back 100%, which I totally appreciate. I owe a lot to them for staying on me." Keyonta, Michele Clark H.S. Partners CTC Programs and Initiatives I have been part of the program for 3 years. Now I see the importance of math, science and technology. I will be the first in my family to be an engineer." UPWARD BOUND MATH AND SCIENCE How How many people can say that they got to watch brain surgery?!" Angel Alcazar, former Hancock H.S. student I am planning on coming back to Children’s, but not as a student. I will come back as one of them! As one of the people who will bring joy and help to children..." Maritza Acevez, Curie H.S. GEAR UP is a perfect partner because they not only work with the student, they work with the entire family, just like we do at Children's." Maria Rivera, CMH I now know about many different careers in healthcare and see how they work together as part of a team. I love how the hospital is a puzzle and everyone has a connection with each other." Kathleen Conde, Curie H.S. I now understand. I want to be someone who finishes a four-year degree and pursues a career in healthcare.” Juliana Sosa, Foreman H.S. By relating to students on a different level than counselors and teachers, GEAR UP staff and college coaches can remove some of those mental barriers." Greg Darnieder, Special Assistant to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Advisor on College Access Dr. Wendy M. Stack, CTC@NEIU
David S. Sperling, CTC@NEIU
Maria Rivera, CMH
Aaron Cortes, CTC@NEIU
Roxana Hadad, CTC@NEIU Presenters Parent Involvement & Student Services A rigorous, empirical study of over 1,900 parents and students who were involved in GEAR UP activities in the 8th and 9th grades found a positive, significant relationship between parent involvement and students' 9th grade GPA and composite standardized test scores. This program has been very important to me because it has helped me create a bridge with my son. Now he is aware of my involvement in his school, and I don't feel isolated anymore because I know what is happening." www.chicagoteacherscenter.org www.facebook.com/chicagoteacherscenter www.twitter.com/ctc_neiu Yolanda, GEAR UP parent Education and
the Economy Kathleen Conde, Curie H.S. Chicago GEAR UP Alliance Serving 15,000 Chicago Public School students in 21 High Schools

Providing College Readiness, Tutoring, Mentoring and Career Awareness

Working with entire communities
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