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The evolution of archery throughout history and its use in activities such as bowhunting.

Brittany Jones

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Archery

Composite Bows The Hittites and Assyrians In 2,800 BC they were made of wood and animal horns. Glue and animal sinew held the bow together it required two people to string it, Developed a new re-curve shaped bow
- Had more power
- Shorter
The remodel of the bow made it easier to handle for archers on horseback The Shang Dynasty, 1766 to 1027 BC used archery as a means for war. In a war chariot, three men were carried on it, a driver, archer, and lancer. For Egyptian pharaohs archery was a favorite sport. This however was in the eighteenth dynasty, 1567 to 1320 BC. H In 25,000 to 18,000 BC
flint arrowheads
were shaped to sharp points
attached to slots.

Egyptians in 5,000 BC used archery for hunting and a military weapon. History Parts of an Archery Bow The Grip - Help the archer hold the bow correctly
-Avoid slipping during shooting The Handle referred to as the riser and the counter- balance weight that helps absorb shock and vibration. The Vibration Dampener reduces vibration as the arrow is being released The two major traditional bows The Longbow The
Re-curve - More forgiving
- Easier to shoot -Easy to maneuver in the woods -Shorter, faster and easier to store and transport -Made of laminates of wood that have opposing grains glued together to get the shape and curve of the bow. Parts of the Arrows The Pile The very tip of the arrow that is shaped like a bullet The Nock rear of the arrow attachment is the nock that holds the arrow in place on the string of the bow The Fletching The feathers attached to the arrow and helps the arrow be stable during flight The Shaft the long and narrow middle area of the arrow that connects the pile to the nock Bow Hunting Minimum pull weight Compound Bow- 35 pounds

Longbow- 40 pounds Blunt type arrowheads used in small animal and bird hunting These animals include, but are not limited to rabbits, squirrels, grouse, and quail. Arrowheads that are NOT allowed Poisonous, drugged, barbed, or explosive Bow Hunting Pros and Cons - Less people
- Bigger game
- More animals -Elk and mule deer usually stay out longer in the mornings -More difficult and the percentage of getting game is lower -The equipment required is more expensive Thank you for your time. Do you have any questions? first arrowheads found in Africa in 50,000 BC The fronts of the arrows were tied with sinew then tied to the ends of the arrows, glued with feathers using catgut or sheep's intestines extremely light and could shoot 400 yards Physical Product Shopping Making the bow structure Finishing the bow Inside Home Depot looking at various types of wood. Deciding the width needed for the bow. Buying green plastic wrap for the bow after it is glued together. The wood after I cut it, wrapped up for transportation. The cut wood between two cedar blocks. The middle of the bow was in the middle. Triangle blocks were put between the bow and the cedar to give it a bend. The form the bow was in as it dried. A mixture of wood glue and water used to combined the three pieces of wood. Me sanding the bow after I unwrapped it. Putting a clear coat of finish on the bow after it was sanded. Archery Reflection My learning stretch

- Building the model
- Using power tools What I learned

- Manage time
- Difference between longbow and re- curve
- Rules of bow hunting What I would change

- Use six pieces of
wood instead of three
- Start my bow earlier
PROCRASTINATE - Finding credible sources The history and usage in bow hunting
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