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Hailo Group 9

No description

Claire Gavin

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Hailo Group 9

What is HAILO? Taxi-ordering service mobile app
Available on iPhone or Android handset
Get a licensed taxi from any location at any time
First launched in London 2011
Launched in Dublin July 12th 2012
Now in Dublin, London, Toronto, NYC, Chicago and Boston Who Created HAILO? London cab drivers
London-based entrepreneurs

Backed by Skype, Facebook & Spotify The HAILO Vision Making taxi heaven for Dublin passengers and drivers. How does
work? Download the HAILO App Follow Registration & Order Mobile Payment Arrive at Your Destination
Safe and Sound The Driver App Licensed drivers can register
All drivers are checked and verified

The app then:
Sends them jobs
Finds more passengers on the street
Helps avoid areas of traffic
Real-time alerts
Advanced stats AND No monthly fee.
Just a small commission. "We make sure people are never more than two taps away from a licensed taxi. And that drivers get more passengers when they want them." Digital Marketing Strategy The Hailo website is clear and well integrated with online initiatives Includes press releases and media recognition
‘Hailo Buzz’ section on website incorporates all social media activity
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs Facebook Responds promptly to comments and queries
Keeps communication between business & consumer open and constant Currently 20,350 likes Twitter

Accounts: @HailoDublin, @HailoLondon, @HailoNYC, @HailoToronto, @HailoChicago, @HailoBoston

Their Challenge:
Increase brand awareness
Drive downloads of Dublin Hailo taxi app

Their Solution:
Use of Promoted Accounts to grow local follower base
Targeted likely taxi seekers including links to download the app @HailoDublin - 13,640 followers The Results: Increased followers from 300 to +7,000 in two months
20% increase in downloads per day during a Promoted Tweets campaign targeted to iOS users
Integral part of the company’s launch strategy in new markets. YouTube Refers to mobile money transfer and mobile wallet that relates to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed via a mobile device.

37% of all Hailo revenue comes from card payments. Consumer Attitudes An attitude is a lasting, general evaluation of people (including oneself), objects, advertisements or issues. Anything towards which one has an attitude is called an attitude object. Consumers have a positive attitude toward Hailo. Hailo app is a reliable service as it means you won’t have to stand in a taxi queue on their own, or end up walking around town alone, trying to flag one down on the road.

Out of a survey of 500 people, 57% of people surveyed said they were unsuccessful in getting back an item they left in a taxi.

However, people who inadvertently leave belongings in Hailo taxis can tap the ‘help’ option on the app. This allows them to call the driver directly for up to an hour after the trip, or contact the office with a description of the lost item. Motivation Motivation occurs when a need is aroused that the consumer wishes to satisfy. The need may be utilitarian, which means a desire to achieve some functional or practical benefit e.g. people order taxis for transport reasons. Hailo app is a reliable service as it means you won’t have to stand in a taxi queue on their own, or end up walking around town alone, trying to flag one down on the road. This reliability encourages a confident attitude from consumers.

Out of a survey of 500 people, 57% of people surveyed said they were unsuccessful in getting back an item they left in a taxi.

However, people who leave belongings in Hailo taxis can tap the ‘help’ option on the app. Consumers hold Hailo in a high regard. Relevance to HAILO Relevance to HAILO Consumers generally want taxis as soon as possible.

Half of the 500 people surveyed have waited over half an hour for a taxi. Therefore, people have been more motivated to use Hailo taxis as it has an average waiting time of 4 minutes and 27 seconds

People have also been motivated by the safety of Hailo taxis i.e. driver profiles and only registered drivers. The survey showed that 56% of people fear for themselves or a female friend getting taxis alone. Hailo taxis reduces this fear. Purchase &
Activities Marketers need to be concerned about consumer’s evaluations of a product after they buy it as well as before.

Customer satisfaction has a real impact on profitability

Satisfaction is determined by the consumers feelings or attitude after the product has been purchased Consumers can evaluate their Hailo experience via the app by rating their driver
Consumers can also give feedback on Facebook, Twitter and blog
This enables Hailo to determine customers satisfaction as a result of using the Hailo service and also their post-purchase evaluation Relevance to HAILO Marketers must look out for sources of dissatisfaction so that they can improve.
Our degree of satisfaction depends on the extent to which a products performance is consistent Culture (factors a new product need
to succeed) Culture is...

the accumulation of shared values, ethics, rituals, traditions, material objects and services produced or valued by members of society

Is it compatible with common life styles? (it must be desirable to the market)
Over the last number of years there has been an increase in the number of smartphone users Trialability:
Can consumers experiment with it without making a commitment?
Consumers can interact with the app and can see both the distance and time for when their taxi will arrive without having to pay or complete an order Complexity:
The product needs to be low in complexity. Will it be preferred to a competitor
There are 3 easy steps to order a taxi with the app
1. Choose “pick me up”/ manually enter your address
2. Choose to pay by cash or card
3. Your taxi is confirmed Observability:
Is the product highly visible and is it easy for others to see the convenience offered
An automatic receipt is emailed to you as soon as you leave the taxi, regardless of which method of payment you use – very handy if you track your expenses
Taxi can be ordered with just two taps of the app Relative Advantage:
Advantages over other alternatives!
As previously mentioned average waiting time for normal taxi is half an hour as opposed to 4 minutes 27 seconds with Hailo Email Hailo customers opt-in to an email newsletter
when they sign up.
Include information & promotional offers Links to the Hailo blog and social network
are placed throughout the email.
Gives people the chance to share content

An unsubscribe option is given at the end for
customers who may wish to opt-out. Contextualisation Alliances & Promotions DRINKAWARE.IE and Hailo joined forces to give away over 100,000 vouchers offering a €5 discount for Hailo taxis.

The campaign is focused on promoting a great night out, while reminding people to pace themselves and ensure they get home safely. Alliances & Promotions Hailo joined forces with Jo Burger Rathmines and Crackbird in the City Centre to encourage their customers to get a Hailo taxi Promotions Customer Promotions • Each driver has a batch of €5 discount cards with a unique driver code to give to new customers Recommendations • Expand the service to other cities such as Cork, Galway and Limerick

• Introduce an option within the app for parties who want one large taxi, instead of two smaller taxi’s arriving without notice

Real Time Experience – Introducing a program on the app where consumers can view a map of their journey, showing traffic in the area with a countdown of how long it will take to arrive at their destination, while showing the estimated taxi fare. Check in service – When you arrive at your destination and check in you will receive a promotional code from Hailo, which allows you money off your next taxi. When ordering your next taxi there will be an option where you can use the promotional code. If a driver gets a passenger to download the Hailo App, they will receive “Hailo Driver Codes” which will reward drivers a €1 bonus for each new customer they refer. Driver Bonuses Benefits Resulting
From Recommendations Increase consumer engagement with Hailo.Hailo's digital marketing strategy will be improved through the use of the online check in service and the use of the real time experience.

With many taxi users working on a time constraint for varying reasons, the service is greatly enhanced in such events through the anticipation of traffic levels and estimated arrival times. Traffic Levels & Arrival Times

The introduction of a promotional code is extremely attractive to the student market who regularly check-in to locations, and a promotional discount is very beneficial to a cash-strapped student market segment. Promotional Codes Conclusion Overall, building brand equity through influencing consumer attitudes is an integral part of Hailo's digital communications strategy Conclusion The Hailo mobile app is very proactive and clear. It uses all the right resources for their digital marketing strategy
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