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Jumia E-commerce

No description

Claudia Ferraris

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Jumia E-commerce

Flat hierarchy
An horizontal structure with no organigram, where everyone gets to choose its
Career advancement
Because of its flat structure and of the uncertainty related to the start-up business, the company does not offer a clear career path.
Caotic Structure
No clear view of the roles of employees inside the company. This is an
obstacle to cooperation
and generates
between collegues.
Jumia e-commerce
Management de l'initiative et de la créativité
Expand your horizons
Invitation to
I want to be called Head of e-commerce
My job title is Designer Team Leader
Career Switch
Possibility to completely change job if you show
for a new subject
Head of category management (Nigeria)
Head of mobile marketing
Best practices
What is JUMIA?
Difficulty to retain brilliant and ambitious employees in the long-term
Each new employee learns the current best practice to do his/her job
Each employee can update the "best practice" guides with new improvements
The supervisor opinion is extremely important and limits the employee's actions, who feels the need to constantly report and gets an approval before further proceeding
"Is it good what am I doing?"
Since 2012
HQ in Paris
Daily engagement
The learning by doing approach, the spirit of "go and learn" and the start-up environment make
employees feeling valuable
for the company

Personal initiative is encouraged

Claudia Ferraris & Federica Mallone
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