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IT Project Presentation

No description

Samantha Tan

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of IT Project Presentation

Show your love and care for your pet dog by owning one of our key chain and dog collar combination
Pushcarts in Junyuan Secondary School courtyard
Pricing Technique: Odd-Even Pricing
Keychain Dog Collar: $6.99
Save 10% on any purchase of $10 or more.
Buy 2 collars, get a free grooming session
Cost of ASD Trolley Coin Keychains: $6
Our product is unique and IT gives a sense of love between the owner and dog :D
It is also a reminder to owner that they should take good care of their dogs, and persuade them to be a volunteer at Action for Singapore Dogs.
Target customers: teachers and students that own pet dogs
odd-even pricing
this method of pricing has a psychological impact on customers, making them think that the retail price is only $6+ although it is actually $0.01 more to $7.
the ASD is a Network of volunteers that helps stray and abandoned dogs find homes through fostering and adoption programs.
tO improve the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore
Asd believes that all animals (big or small, diseased or healthy) deserves to have

they should not be put down
just because there is lack of space and resources or non acceptance by the majority
WHY do this?

Action for Singapore Dogs
Dog lovers and owners would love to buy it.
Our dog keychain would also spread the word about giving dogs “a second chance at life”, Action for Singapore Dogs

Dog-Collar Keychain
can also be used as a keychain to be hung on eg. Wallets, Bags..etc...
Also Used as a dog collar for the dog
Done by: Group 4

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