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Faith Morris

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of ICELAND

Iceland is an island that is part of the continent of Europe. The climate is defined as cool temperate maritime. It is South East of Greenland, just below the Artic circle and north west of Great Britain.
Major Religious Groups
Lutheran Church of Iceland is the official church makes up 80.7%. Roman Catholic 2.5%, other protestant 4%, other religions or unspecified 12.8%. This means that about 87.2% of Iceland's population is Christian.
Shape- compact
Iceland's gross domestic product is $39,700 per capita. Compared to the rest of the world they are ranked 27th.
The EU and the UN
The EU is important for helping European nations with economic and political stability. The UN has three main purposes: to give countries a neutral way of communicating, to regulate activity of the world's governments, and work to find solutions to World problems. Both organizations basically exist to help keep peace and to promote economic, military, and political cooperation between countries.
NATO was originally for the allies in World War II to help keep the outcome of the war in favor of America. Now NATO helps to protect the security of its members from new weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and cyber attacks.
HDI (Human Development Index) shows a country's development through life expectancy, education, and average income. Iceland is ranked 14th on the HDI report from the United Nations done in 2012.
Iceland is a unitary government meaning that the power is located in the hands of one central government.
Crude Birth Rate of Iceland is 13.15 births per every 1000 people in Iceland. Which means that last year roughly 4,146 babies were born.
Crude Death Rate of Iceland is 7.07 deaths per 1000 people. So this means last year about 2,229 people died in Iceland last year. Since the CBR is greater than the CDR the natural increase rate of Iceland is positive.
Site and Situation
Since Iceland's shape is compact, it makes the country much more efficient and helps them distribute imports from the east side of the island from Europe through the whole country.
The official language is Icelandic. English, Nordic languages, and German are also widely spoken.
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