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Mac Times

No description

Nathaniel Elloitt

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Mac Times

Gold In The Klondike!
Friday, March 14, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
San Francisco Gold Rush
Gold Fever
Gold Rush Poem
On May 12, 1848, when the word of the discovery of gold reached San Francisco, the town's male population was about 600. On May 15 only 200 men remained. San Francisco became a ghost town.Many stores had to close down. Sailors fled their ships. Newspapers shut down and people abandoned their homes. Why is it that men thought it was right to leave their homes and families? A skilled craftsman made a dollar and a half a day. However, a miner could take $25 to $35 of gold a day out of a riverbed. It must have been hard on the kids because my mom left to Texas for 10 months and it was very hard on my family.
Twenty-One Water and sand Hated work,Fine pay
dreams of gold Swish your pan Pikes Peak
West in 49' swish and wish Rockies in a week
claim pay dirt
rushers Asleep at night
Water and Sand Hid from me
Swish your pan A flash in the pan
A meal? Rich Young Man
A horse? Enough to get by
A place to stay? Claim went dry
we had to pay Water and Sand
Bought a shovel and a pan Swish your pan
rich young man Hydraulic mine
Mac Times
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