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A book report in Mrs. Griffiths block class

sierra prifogle

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Uglies

By: Scott Westerfeld Uglies Sierra Prifogle Scott Westerfeld 10/19/12 Scott Westerfeld has made eighteen novels in his life time. He is originally from Texas, then split his time in New York City and Sydney, Australia. Tally- is the main character and is an protagonist.
Shay- is Tallys best friend who is also protagonist.
Dr. Cable- is the secret service and is an antagonist.
David-is one of the top people at the smokes, he is an protagonist.
Maddy- a former doctor from the pretties. The founder of the smoke, she is a protagonist. Characters List The Setting The Uglies is set in the future, it takes place in the city called Uglyville as well in the wild. The weather is starting to get cold; dangerous events are going to take place. David told Tally what the doctors really did to people when they did the surgery. Tally now sees the pretty world for what it is and now she no longer wants to be part of that world. Tally throws her heart shaped necklace (which is a tracker into a fire). The secret service finds the smoke and captures almost all the smokies but two, David and herself. Plot Summary Tally has a conflict with her friend Shay about being pretty, that is man vs.man conflict.
Tally has a conflict with the secret service about Shay running to the smokes, that is man vs. man conflict.
Tally also has conflict with herself about whether she should be a spy and tell the secret service where the smoke is, that is man vs. self.
Tally has conflict with nature whenever she travels to the smoke following Shays difficult note she left for Tally, that is man vs. nature. The Climax My Opinion I believe the book was very good, it kept me interested and on my toes. When the book started to settle down something else exciting or unexpected would happen. New Ending Instead of Tally going to the city to be turned pretty; I would have had Tally and the rest of the smokies make a resistance against the Special Circumstances. They would build up a army big enough and trained to face the Specials and save everybody from what the specials did to them. The Moral What people can learn from this story is that people will always have their opinions and want their free will. Just be who you are and not someone you're not. Don't be a copy of something you want to be when it isn't you! Work Cited scottwesterfeld.com
google/images vjv Setting Resolution They rescue Davids mom and other smokies, then Tally tells David she was sent as a spy but changed her mind in the end. Maddy found a cure for a virus in the pretties but has no one to try the cure on. So Tally volunteers to go to the city to be turned pretty and help Maddy see if the cure will work or not. A new world but you still get to be turned pretty if you wanted to . No lies, no one person in command, we still have a free will. New Ending
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