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Perceiving Racism: Differing cultural perspectives

ANT 2410-002 Spring 2016

Jennifer Dewey

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Perceiving Racism: Differing cultural perspectives

Perceiving Racism: Differing cultural perspectives
by Jennifer Dewey
ANT 2410-001 Fall 2016

What is racism?
Current racial tension in the United States
Cross cultural examples
What should we do?
What should we say?
Until 3.14

Writing Prompt: Answer all questions.
How does racism present itself in U.S. society? and how does it compare cross-culturally (as in other countries)?

Keep an academic tone and use the videos presented here(use at least 2 from this presentation) and 1 additional from the provided playlist to help support your argument. This means you should have a total of 3 videos cited in your presentation. You can use your own personal experience and outside resources; however, you must remain objective and present both sides of an argument.

: Cite
your paper (in text citation and in your work cited page in MLA format). Please make sure you are staying within the word limit and please list the word count on your paper somewhere.
Fun fact!
If you don't turn in a hard copy of your paper that is -10 points. If you do not staple your paper that is -2 points. Pay attention to the instructions! Many of you are loosing easy points because you are not paying attention.
Final thoughts..
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