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Special Education Teacher

No description

Angela Liu

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Special Education Teacher

Angela Liu Special Education Teacher Why I chose this career? What makes a good special education teacher? patience
ability to adapt
communication skills
organizational skills
problem solving skills Mrs. Leesa Overstreet K-2, moderate-high functioning Education Specialist,
Specializing in Special Education
(elementary school) volunteering
like kids
love watching kids learn
want to make an impact on someone's life
rewarding How to become a special education teacher Education bachelor's degree
Teacher credential in special education
student teaching in a special education classroom (recommended)
master's degree (recommended) Do I really want to do this?
volunteer in special education classrooms (recommended) While in college... Where the job is available There are always special education jobs
certain states pay more than others
demand for special education teachers at the elementary school level is higher than at middle and high school levels Students IEP Structuring the curriculum People the special education teacher works closely with Parents How to get placed into special education Types of students Where does the teacher come in? health clerk or nurse Education Other things about the job family friendly
10 sick days, 10 personal necessity days
Salary: $40,000-$86,000
not much room for advancement Careers that these people often switch to include: 20 point discrepancy between ability and performance
severe behavioral problems learning disabilities
physical disabilities
emotional challenges
social challenges or any combination thereof students with... not necessarily everyone is on the same page
develop curriculum that addresses the needs of all the students in the class Individual Education Program
every student in special education has one
4-6 goals in each of 16 categories
all academic IEP goals are modified versions of regular education standards What that means for the teacher develop goals
structure curriculum to address academic goals of each student
evaluate progress on goals The major challenge:
The wide variety of needs Special education classes spend the first few weeks solely on solidifying discipline systems and learning the rules of the classroom special needs non special needs integration segregation a mediocre teacher
a great teacher English Skills functional behavioral analysis a dedicated teacher can improve the program reforming the "dumping ground" Works Cited Altepeter, Tom. Making Sense. 2011. thompsonblogs.org. Web. 1 June 2013.
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Werts, Margaret Gessler, Monica Lambert, and Ellen Carpenter. "What Special Education Directors Say about RTI." Learning Disability Quarterly, Vol. 32, No. 4 (Fall, 2009): 245-54. Print. About the job Thanks for watching! what i learned what special ed teachers actually do there is a lot to be done in this field but... I will need to get experience and make sure that this is what I actually want to do before I close off all my other options. Sutherland Elementary School teaching special education since 1992 low, medium, or high functioning Stressful but rewarding challenging, but never boring paperwork for IEP communication and presentation skills occupational therapist speech-language teacher APE teacher regular education teachers that teach the same grades principal and secretary different every year preparation
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