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Symbolism in Literature (and movies, television...)

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Diane Alken

on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of Symbolism in Literature (and movies, television...)

Symbolism in Literature (and movies, television...)
What is symbolism?
the practice of using an object or word to represent an idea
an action, word, place, person or object can all have symbolic meaning
A Super Lame Example
What do you see?

A yin yang.

What does it represent?

Balance, stability, harmony...
Look at these examples and write down two ideas that each one symbolizes.
What about these?
Why is it used?
because it's awesome
but mainly because it enhances an author's writing
the author uses it when he/she wants to hint at an emotion, mood or idea rather than just plainly stating it
Symbolism in Everyday Life
Our language and culture contains an immense number of symbols, and their intended meanings and significance are usually well-known and accepted.
Now let's think about
The Time Machine
For each of the symbols listed below, think of some larger ideas that they represent. Remember to think about the theme(s) of the novel as well--it might help you uncover what the symbols are meant to represent.
The White Sphinx
Palace of Green Porcelain

The Headless Faun
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