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Secondary Level Teacher Art Work Sample

No description

W Bloxs

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of Secondary Level Teacher Art Work Sample

Hyde Park Academy
6220 South Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, IL
Let's talk about context, baby!
(all the good things and the bad things)
Approximently 1,500 Students
100% Chronic Truancy Rates
6% Drop-out Rate
Majority from Low-SES homes.
Unit: Observational Drawing
Lesson 1-Contour (1 week)
Lesson 2- Gesture Drawing (1 week)
Lesson 3-Figure Drawing (1 week)
Lesson 4- Form and Value (3 weeks)
Lesson 5: Self-Portrait
(2 weeks + critique)
Self- Portrait Lesson
Portrait Lesson
Pre-assessment Changes?
Post Assessment
Student Examples of Post Assessment
Student Examples
Next time
Secondary Level
Teacher Art Work Sample
Fall 2012

Essential Question: Why is individual perception so important in observational drawing?
Careful observation produces increased skills of perception and understanding. Arts instill the foundation needed for decision making, problem solving, visualizing, and thinking creatively. Through exploring different lines and techniques with pencils and other medium students will develop the craft of observation and express their knowledge in drawing.
6 Blind contour drawings
3 Contour drawings of an object
1 Final Still life contour drawing of produce
Explore Gesture Drawing (Observe Da Vinci drawings and other examples)
Gesture Drawing In-class exercises: transforming contour drawings into gesture drawings
5 Gesture sketches of organic objects
3 Gesture sketches of face
5 Gesture sketches of figure
Let's start from the outside...
Now let's get loose and
work from the inside!
Find the “I” in the figure/Skeleton Exercise
Proportion Exercise
Block-in Method- Exercise
Draw 3 figures in sketchbook using this method
Cross-contour lines into figure Exercise
Draw 3 action figures (starting with gesture using this method)
Observational light studies
2 of chosen personal object in pencil
2 of natural or organic object in pencil
2 realistic still life drawing of at least 3 objects with observable light source

1 FINAL drawing of object or natural form with strong light element
Essential Question:How can portraits and self-portraits help inform your own and others’ identity?
Day 1: Introduction to vocabulary and drawing proportions of face. Then practice on your own.
Day 2: Review & features study
Day 3: Begin Drawing own face
Day 4: Add color
4 days (in theory)
did not meet
partially met
Hard to tell what to do.
Students lack interest.
For some 20 minutes was not enough for others they spent 18 minutes on their phone before they took 2 minutes to do the worksheet.
Didn't meet
Partially Met
Talk to teacher about each item they have covered up to time-EVERYTHING.

My actual lesson took 8 days due to their level and absences.
8 weeks
Post - Assessment
Objectives not Met
Add worksheets

Require photo

Use authoritarian style of teaching

Keep engaged more with more
Objectives Partially Met
Keep on task

More technology

Introduce "real-world"
application for lesson.

Require photo

Worksheets for off-task
Objectives Met
Include more reflections time- Stretch and Explore

Use a photograph of self to draw from

Self & Group Critique
Exceeded Objectives

More time to Stretch & Explore

Look at more artists' examples

More reflection

Self & Group Critique
Quote from one of my students:

"If I didn't try, I couldn't
have gotten this far!"
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