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No description

Chantelle Gervais

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Glo-Bus

Best Shot Chantelle gervais
Britany Lynn
Billie Marques
Bridgett Eady
wade anderson
Nakeshia Fox Strategic Vision Our vision at Best Shot is to create a camera that caters to the needs of our customers, and to ensure that our entry-level and multi-featured cameras are affordable to the average user as well as professionals. Finance Strategy Net Revenue Stock Price Return on Equity Debt Image Rating Net Profit Competitor Strength's
Comparison Thank You Performance Targets EPS $7.42 $10.00 $14.48 Initial Goal Actual ROE $28.40 $35.00 $23.90 Stock
Price $127 $200 $246 Image
Rating 70 83 98 Competitive
Strategy Low Cost Provider How the competitive
strategy in entry level cameras evolved over
the years - Kept a low cost strategy
- The price varied depending
on the region
- Promotions remained the same
across regions Multi Feature Strategy - Differentiated across regions
- Provided highest quality
camera at lowest price to
the most exclusive and
dominant markets
- Heavy focus on warranties,
technician support budget, and
advertising budgets Strategy in
prevailing markets Multi store chains
15 out of 36
Local camera shops
2,100 out of 4,300
Online retailers
45 out of 102
Asia Pacific & Europe Africa Production Strategy We preferred employing enough labor to produce
our product in house, and found that paying our
employees overtime was more cost effective than
outsourcing in most instances. Competition The main competition
throughout the game
was All Star Earnings Per Share All star -
Camera's inc -
Dynamic -
$340 It takes a team of Managers to run a successful global company
Make sure to watch what you competitors are doing in the market cause they are watching your actions as well
Just because you price a item for a high price does not mean your company will make lots of profits
Watch labor, you don't want to pay for extra employee when you don't need them

Lessons Learned Higher wages safer working conditions and bonuses for PAT'S resulted in:
Lowering the amount of PAT'S needed to get the same results
Reduced the amount of out sourced work
Higher quality work

Taking care of your employee will make you more money then it cost you Human Factor
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