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No description

Reem Hajjar

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut Did you know in the early ancient Egypt and lady named Hatshepsut became a pharaoh? Hatshepsut rule the Egypt and and was a successful . Hatshepsut Hatshepsut was born in Circa, Egypt during the New Kingdom at 1508.Her mother was Queen Ahmose and father pharaoh Tuthmosis I.She had 2 brothers but they died young.She married her half brother Tuthmosis II. She had one daughter named Neferure and her stepson from a another wife Tuthmosis III. Neferure Ahmose Hatshepsut's husband was a pharaoh and ruled about 10 years.He died young in 1479 B.C.E .Tuthmosis II was a very sickly man .Tuthmosis III was very young so he could 'nt be a pharaoh .For seven years Hatshepsut was a regent after her husband died .She demanded herself as pharaoh an took over power. How she became a pharaoh People did not like the idea of a woman becoming a pharaoh usually it's a king that's a pharaoh.So what Hatshepsut did was she wore like a man she worn a headdress with a cobra on it.She had also worn and artificial beard.What men also worn was a skirt and Hatshepsut did the same. Tuthmosis I Tuthmosis II Tuthmosis III That's how she looked Years past by and she did a lot of things she created a lot of beautiful temples .She took many trips and bought back rare articles to build up the wealth of the Egyptians nation. Hatshepsut destroyed temples made from Hykos.She had also traded many items like for example plants perfume,gold,and animals . What she did as pharaoh How she dressed Information : http://www.ducksters.com/history/ancient_egypt/hatshepsut.php Death Hatshepsut died in 1458 B.C.E..People predict that she had probably died from a blood infection or a disease.She rule as a pharaoh for more than 20 years .Tuthmosis III finally became a pharaoh and took over power .Tuthmosis destroyed Hatshepsut temples and monuments.She was the most greatest female pharaoh in Egyptian history.She was a tremendous king even though she was suppose to be a Queen.
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