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Lord of the Flies and Lost Concept Map

Concept Map

Makayla Lewis

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies and Lost Concept Map

Comparing Ralph(LotF)
to Lost characters Responsibiltly Leadership Frustrated intelligent perserveres optimistic Comparing jack(LotF)
to lost characters Savagery leadership dark aggressive the end! Ralph gets frustrated with people like Jack who don't contribute to gettting off the island and helping out with things like cooperation.
This ir jus like Jack in Lost how he doesn't agree with John Lockes obsession with hunting and savagery.

Jack is really into hunting and being wild and learning to live on the island. This is the same as John Locke in Lost. John wants to go on a "Walk About" in the outback of Australia. John also has a kit of knives that he has carried with him and seems to be a very good hunter. Ralph comes up with the idea to have a civilized community on the island start a signal fire to find help, just like Syid makes a walkie talkie to signal for help to get the lost characters off the island. thoughtful Jack is a natural born leader and feels that "civilization" will never work on the island with the boys. In the end, Jack does win and civilization fails. The same thing goes for Jack (from Lost). He takes a leadership role right away and uses his skills to help everyone on the island. Jack is violent towards some of the boys and punishes some of the boys to show his authority and shows them he is superior or has rule over others. Sawyer is also a violent character in Lost. He fights Syid because he thinks that he is the prisoner and a terrorist that caused them to crash on the island. Ralph wants what is best for everyone on this island just like Jack from Lost. They try to make sure everyone works together and are cooperative. Ralph - Claire These two characters think of what is best for everyone else around them. Claire comes up with the idea to burn the dead bodies from the accident. She also takes charge and has a ceramony for those killed in the crash. She digs up passports and evidence as to who they were and why they were travelling. Jack also always is trying to think of what is best for the boys on the island with think of things like the signal fire. Ralph - Jack Jack feels as though he is responsible for the group. This is likely because he is the only doctor/surgen on the island. Ralph feels like he is responsible for the boys as well in LofF. Ralph - syid ralph - Kate Jack - JOhn locke Jack is a violent child just like John Locke is. In Lost John is very agressive when he gets upset when he figures out he cannot go on the "Walk About" in Austrailia Jack- Sawyer Both Jack and Sawyer have a dark side to them. They think about what is best for them and think that their way of thinking is right. This is like when in Lost Jack finds Sawyer digging around in the plane for items for himself. They are both very self-centred and inconsiderate. Jack - JAck violent Jack - Sawyer Ralph and Kate are both very optimistic people and try to keep others spirits up about getting off the island. Ralph - Jack Although things didn't turn ot in Ralphs favor, Ralph perservered until things on the island got really bad and he couldn't handle it anymore. Jack from Lost also doesn't give up with trying to save the officer tht was injured on the plane. They both try their best. Jack - John Locke Ralph - Jack
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