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Teaching Digital Citizenship with Minecraft!

No description

Mark Danley

on 17 October 2015

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Transcript of Teaching Digital Citizenship with Minecraft!

Teaching and Assessing with Minecraft!

Use Minecraft to Assess in Science and Reading/Language Arts
Mark Danley
Scott Middle School
6th Grade Science and RLA
Setting the Stage
Club Structure
Club Sponsor
Digital Citizenship
Things to Consider...
Goal Setting
Student Expectations
Work together to set and complete goals
Teach other students their skills
Promote and preserve good digitial citizenship skills
Student Leaders
Train students to run the server
Divide into groups
Have leadership roles (Head leaders and group leaders)
Create Task Cards for Peer activities
Project Assessment
Science = Earths Changing Surfaces Model and Electrical Circuit using Redstone
RLA = Book Talk Presentation
Teaching with Task Cards
Creative Mode vs Free Play
In Class vs Outside of class
Ability to finish
Alone vs Group
Teacher roles
Monitoring Progress
Minecraft EDU
Recruiting Students
Mac Computer Lab
Eithernet Cords
LeftClick Mouse
6th grade only
Apply to participate
Must mantain schoolwork to participate
Must not violate District Digital Citizenship Guidlines
Ji Guo
UNL Doctoral Student
Manages UNL Minecraft EDU server
Observes student leadership and digital citizenship behaviors
Assist with Student Task Cards
Mark Danley
Scott M.S. 6th Grade Teacher
Makes Parent Contacts
Monitors Student Academics and Digital behaviors
Arrange lab space and club with Scott Admin
Assist with Student Task Cards
In Mincraft
In School Building
Refer back to the pros and cons
Explain how it will help
Describe the next steps
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Building Scott Middle School
Use Minecraft to Assess Curriculum

Mark Danley

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