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No description

Harvey Buckle

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Outbreak

21st November 2017
To know how disease is spread
How do you get rabies and what is it like?
1. Direct contact

Direct contact means that the disease-causing microbe is passed from one person to another when their bodies touch in some way.
Vertical transmission happens when microorganisms pass from a mother to her unborn baby. German measles can pass this way.
Horizontal transmission happens when microorganisms pass from one person to another by touching, kissing or sexual intercourse.
Two ways diseases spread
Indirect contact happens when microorganisms are carried to a person in some way, instead of by actual body to body contact.
Vehicle-borne transmission involves an object carrying the disease-causing microorganism.
2. Indirect contact
Now, we check our environment
Choose a disease and say:

1. Where?
2. When?
3. How?
4. How is/can it be stopped?

Make a 1 minute presentation
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