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Trelle Cotton

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Rites of Passage 2013 College: Columbus State University
Major: Middle Grade Education, English. I will further my education by becoming an English Professor. I am currently a Senior at Dooly County High. I'm from Vienna, GA. My family is too from Dooly County. My friends, are my classmates! Trelle Presonia Cotton I am a four year faithful member of DCCEC. I joined DCCEC as a freshmen and has been sticking with DCCEC ever since. I was elected as Secretary my Sophomore year, ever since then I have been the Secretary. I have learned many things since I have been in DCCEC. From community service to becoming a strong leader, I have been taught so much. I have had many memories especially with my classmates. I will never forget the times we had! by Trelle Cotton FAVORITE TEACHER: -Miss Dean MOST INFLUENTIAL MENTOR: -Ms. Valecia Sales & Mr. Brian Hampton FAVORITE SUBJECT: -English Rites of Passage -A transition into manhood/womanhood. Most Memorable Moment of R.O.P -foot washing ceremony *I would recommend Rites of Passage to any student. It has impacted me. I am preserving my time and spending more time with myself. Each rite has taught me something special. You only get out what you put into something. I didn't waste my time with R.O.P. it has been beneficial and I will continue to carry this out throughout my life. When you're down to NOTHING, GOD is up to something!
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