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Learn how to study!

This is the final evaluation of the 3rd edition of Learning how to Learn at Coursera & The University of California in San Diego.

Charles Rada

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Learn how to study!

Study better!
Apply this techniques and learn truly
"Chunks" are pieces of information that get together to point a meaning. This will help you remember all the concepts and ideas you are interested in learning during your study experience
Recalling and practicing will help you learn at deeper level.
Try this:
Test yourself remembering what you just read
study somewhere else different from your usual study place.
Learning is a process that involves patience and organization. These tricks can help you improve your experience, all you need is to fight your weakness by knowing yourself
Form the Chunk by
your attention on your study. This will do great part of the job.

what you are learning, the dynamic of the concepts involved in your learning.
Practice a lot
"Just because i see it, i know it" NO! you need to do it yourself several times.
Avoid it
by focusing on understanding the tough part, asking for help if needed and trying new procedures or techniques. Might be hard, but you will learn deeply and Enhance your creativity.
This is called Interleaving
you will grasp your new ideas. Naturally,
you must come back
later to strengthen them. Then let the
diffuse mode act.

By Charles Benjamin R.
If that's the case, try the
Pomodoro technique.
But... what if i can't focus?
Don't let initial thoughts prevent you of success.
Skip those roadblocks
and keep your study sessions short. if you get frustrated,
go for a walk
. this is part of learning!
Naps, going for a walk and studying for several days will help you.
But it's difficult to understand
But... what is "Diffuse mode"?
It happens when you are naturally distracted, but unconsciously your brain is still working on what you've been studying. The key is to do something else.
Howard Grubber
, a famous Psychologist says there are three B's for that:
can make you think you know the entire subject, when you don't. This is called
illusion of competence
It consists in setting a timer for 25 minutes with no distractions: No WhatsApp, No Twitter, No TV! Only study. After the time you set, reward yourself with a little of spare time.
Automaticity can be helpful sometimes, but not studying. Repeating all over a session can be a
waste of time
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