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No description

Anusha Masroor

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Introductin

What if there was a way that you could move anything you want without getting up and walking. It could bring it to you with just one push of a button. Well scientists are trying to create a tractor beam the can levitate objects
What Challenges Are There With Making The Device
With the tractor beam there are a few problems. One problem is that it can only hold a limited amount of particles, so it can't pull big items yet. Another problem with it is the way it is made. The way it is made is so complex and hard to understand makes it very confusing.
Now a video that shows the proto type of a tractor beam that scientists made
How It Works
The tractor beam can push and pull objects levitating in thin air. It can do this because it needs precisely timed sound waves in sequence. By that it creates an area of low pressure that captures tiny objects that can only be controlled by only sound waves. Sound waves are the shaking movements that passes through an object. these sound waves happens because the sound hits the object making a collsion
Why It Would Help The World?
A tractor beam is very useful to the world beacause instead of using money building big machinery to lift heavy weight, you can use a tracto beam to do the heavy lifting. For example when your building a apartment you need a crane to
hold the heavy weight items but instead if you had a tractor beam it would do it alot faster and get the job done. A tractor beam can also help us in everyday life, like if your running late and you need to go. You forgot your car keys in the kitchen table instead of taking your shoes off then running to go get it then again putting your shoes back on, the tractor beam can do it for you. As you can see the tractor beam can help us in so many ways. It can be in the biggest things or your small little tasks. The tractor beam can help us in everything and for us humans it is better because it makes our lives easier.
Tractor Beam
Thank you!
By:Anusha .M.
Sound Waves
Tractor Beam
A Crane
Car Keys On A Kitchen Counter
The tractor beam is a very useful object. It can do alot of things but it still has some problems though. Although it is still a very good device.
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