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EPSF O6U Semi-Annual Report 2012/13

No description

Hassan Ibrahim

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of EPSF O6U Semi-Annual Report 2012/13

Turning Point
Orientation Day
Clinical Skills Event
Thank You
EPSF 17th Annual Congress
Blood Donation Campaign (part 1)
EPSF 12th Annual Symposium
Scientific Research Competition
Honoring Ceremony
Pneumonia Awareness Campaign
5 Days
7 Steps
5 Places
60 Organizers
12 Activities
600 Audiences
Teddy Bear Hospital
36 organizers
Patient Counselling Event
Persuasion skills
HR Committe
Research & Development Subcommitte
Blood Donation Campaign (part 2)
2 Days
15 Organizers
10 Activities
120 Audiences
68 Bags
Step On The Way
6o Attendances
80 Child with their Family
1st Step
40 members
2nd Step
40 Organizers
3rd Step
14 Organizers
60 Children
1st School
2nd School
8 Organizers
80 Children
2 Days
14 Organizers
7 Activities
120 Audiences
61 Bags
178 Attendances
4th Step
2 Days
40 Organizers
300 Audiences
5th Step
1 Day
12 Organizers
150 Audiences
2 Attendances
3 Days
6 Teams
3 Days
8 Teams
25 Attendances
10 Com
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