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Portfolio: Hendricks Communications

Welcome to the professional portfolio of Karen Hendricks, Owner/President, Hendricks Communications LLC.

Karen Hendricks

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Portfolio: Hendricks Communications

Featuring American Arts, Culture and Cuisine, June 10-19

GETTYSBURG, PA (February 24, 2011)—From “rising stars” on the American music scene, to one of America’s comedy legends, along with spectacular culinary events designed by a former White House chef, the 2011 Gettysburg Festival lineup showcases American arts, culture and cuisine, June 10-19.
Headline events include a Festival-opening June 10 concert by the male a cappella group Straight No Chaser, performing classic hits from the 1950s and 1960s, along with Motown and contemporary pop hits, all reinventing a cappella with a signature twist.

Classic deadpan humor by Bob Newhart commemorates the funnyman’s 50th year in show business. The June 18 Majestic Theater show features his most beloved comedy sketches along with fresh new material and a swingin’ jazz band to boot.
Theater returns to the 2011 Festival with an historical twist. Theater-goers can “step back in time” with four of the nation’s premier living historians, as Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt gather on stage to present The Presidents of Mount Rushmore. Premium tickets include a pinnacle culinary experience, the White House Dinner.
“Culinary experiences at Gettysburg Festival always meet three criteria to qualify as memorable experiences and not simply dining opportunities,” according to former White House Chef Walter Scheib, Festival Artistic Director for Culinary Events. “First, events are designed around an outstanding, themed menu with farm-fresh ingredients. Secondly, they present opportunities for great conversation. And third, events feature distinct locations in full integration with the arts so that musical performances, for example, are encompassed within the theme.”

(more) PR/Marketing Case Study Client: Gettysburg Festival, a non-profit 10-day arts festival

Communications Goals: Implement high-profile public relations, advertising and marketing campaigns that secure national/regional news coverage and attract an audience of at least 20,000.

Marketing and Creative Strategy: Distinguish Gettysburg Festival from Gettysburg’s Civil War identity and develop branding associated with arts and culture. 2009 campaign 2010 campaign 2011 campaign Writing Sample: Press Release 2011 GETTYSBURG FESTIVAL DECLARED SUCCESSFUL
Ten-Day Festival Attracts More than 23,000 and Garners Praise, Critical Acclaim
GETTYSBURG, PA (July 26, 2011)— More than 23,000 attendees from at least 37 states enjoyed the 4th Annual Gettysburg Festival’s 2011 events, held June 10-19, celebrating American arts, culture and cuisine. More than half of the Festival’s events were free and open to the public.
“The 2011 lineup was an American-themed, star-spangled celebration,” said Festival Executive Director Alice Estrada. “It’s extremely rewarding to see the Festival grow by leaps and bounds in these four, formative years.”

A June 10 concert by Straight No Chaser opened the Festival and attracted a crowd of nearly 2,500. The free All-American Brass Picnic on June 18 recorded attendance figures topping the 4,000 mark. Another Festival highlight was the June 18 performance by comedian Bob Newhart to a sold-out Majestic Theater crowd. Nearly 800 artists, musicians and performers were showcased at the 2011 Gettysburg Festival through more than 75 events.
Accolades continue to pour into the Festival office, from media coverage, attendees, sponsors and donors alike. “World-class artists mingle with brass bands punctuating the early summer air with bright, bold tunes. The bounty of southcentral Pennsylvania’s farms, orchards and wineries stars on a rich palette of appetizers, main dishes and desserts. This is the best of the arts in Adams County,” wrote Michael Vyskocil in the May/June issue of Celebrate Gettysburg magazine.
“The economic ripples created by the Gettysburg Festival throughout the Gettysburg and Adams County tourism community are growing stronger every year,” said Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau President Norris Flowers. “Many hotels were completely booked during the month of June and our restaurants, shops and attractions saw an increase in traffic. The entire tourism community clearly benefits from these dynamic ten days of American arts and culture.”

(more) PR Outcomes, 2011 Campaign 750+ Pieces of News Coverage, January – July, 2011
Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television, Web
6.8+ Million Impressions Press Highlights, 2009-2011 “the best of the arts in Adams County” #1 on “10 for the Road” list, 2010 and 2011 Marketing Campaign Rack Brochure, including media partnerships established for insertion into regional magazines
Program, including media partnerships established for insertion into regional magazines
Festival Poster *Hendricks Communications developed all copy writing,
supplied all images and directed creative work by a third party. Web and Social Media Campaign Developed and cultivated audiences on the following channels
from start up, 2009-2011, establishing a firm fan base:

Facebook (3,000+ fans)
Twitter (500+ followers)
WordPress blog (25,000 visits/year)
Website (average 50,000 visits/year) Enewsletter Campaign Wrote, designed and deployed monthly enewsletters to Festival fans.
Cultivated a database of 5,000+ subscribers.
Achieved average read rate of 33%, well above industry average of 18-20% (events).

Enewsletters written by Hendricks Communications garnered Pinnacle Awards
from the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) in competition with other
festival newsletters world-wide:
Gold, 2009
Gold, 2010
Silver, 2011 Marketing & Advertising
Outcomes, 2011: Festival Attendance: 23,000 people from at least 37 states
34% previously attended; reached 66% new attendees
Ticket sales more than doubled over the previous year
Facebook fans soared from 800 to 3,000 Festival Photography by Hendricks Communications
(low-res images shown here) 13 13 14

“Recycling the Rails,”
August 2010 Event Management:
PLCM Convention 2008 Client: Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities, in partnership with Gettysburg Borough and the Mayor’s Office

Formed convention committee of
local stakeholders
Raised $33,000 in sponsorship
monies to produce event
Coordinated host events including
a dinner featuring speaker Jim Getty
as Abraham Lincoln
Produced collaterals such as
sponsorship recruitment materials,
press releases and thank you letters
Following the convention,
presented the Borough with the budget
surplus of $5,000 towards a new police radio system Work Sample:
Sponsorship Campaign Letter
Gettysburg is proud to host the 2008 Pennsylvania League of Cities
and Municipalities (PLCM) Conference, set for June 25-27. As host,
we will welcome hundreds of attendees representing Pennsylvania’s
towns, cities, townships and local governments.
Through seminars, speakers and sessions, the conference is designed to help officials serve their hometowns with the theme “Gettysburg: Lessons in Strength, Unity and Leadership.” As host city, Gettysburg will also offer activities highlighting the many charming and historic treasures found within “the most famous small town in America.”
While this state-wide spotlight shines on Gettysburg, there are exciting sponsorship opportunities available. The underwriting of host activities will promote your business to a state-wide audience of government officials, and will additionally be linked to a spirit of hospitality and goodwill…. Event Photography: Then-Governor Edward G. Rendell (PA) meeting former White House Chef Walter Scheib at a Gettysburg Festival event Event Photography: Plein Air Painting at Gettysburg Festival Event Photography: Straight No Chaser at Gettysburg Festival Rededication of the Historic Gettysburg Railroad Station, for the Borough of Gettysburg, featuring Jim Getty as Abraham Lincoln Event Photography: Event Photography: Gettysburg Festival’s Gingerbread House Celebration 24 Event Photography: Memorial Day Parade, Gettysburg References PR Outcomes: Sent, pitched and published in numerous Mid-Atlantic medical organization newsletters, including: As well as 300+ media outlets, including: Writing Samples: Brochure *Hendricks Communications developed all copy writing, approved all images and directed creative work by a third party. “Telling the story” of the organization by interweaving information with members’ testimonials
Mailed with a call-to-action letter to non-member hospital librarians
Distributed personally by HSLANJ staff Freelance Writing:
Blogging for the Tourism Dept, Commonwealth of PA
Goal: To write captivating, monthly blogs for the state tourism website, highlighting Pennsylvania’s attractions from a first-person point of view, also highlighting photography.

Outcomes: Engaging news content, driving web traffic, promoted by state tourism department via social media and tourism publications. Case Study Client: Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey (HSLANJ)

Communications Goals: Implement a targeted marketing campaign simultaneously with a high-profile public relations campaign to expand membership of this non-profit organization which links mid-Atlantic medical libraries.

Marketing and Creative Strategy: Implement a marketing campaign designed to build key resources and collaterals telling “the story” of HSLANJ’s success through the voices of select members. Writing Samples: Fact Sheet About the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative

Who We Are:

Founded in 1972, Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey (HSLANJ) is a non-profit organization with the goals of encouraging the professional development and advancement of librarianship and improving the quality of library services provided by health care organizations in New Jersey.
The Group Licensing Initiative, formed in 2002 under the umbrella of HSLANJ, researches, approves and establishes relationships with vendors, negotiating all pricing and assisting members with licensing needs. The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Mid-Atlantic Region (NNLM/MAR), fully recognizes and endorses the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative as the lead organization capable of assisting libraries in their efforts to utilize multi-dimensional electronic resources.
The Group Licensing Initiative is managed by medical librarian/consultant Robert Mackes and guided by a committee comprised of members from different-sized health facilities in the region served. There are currently 75 members, as of spring 2012, linking 35,000 physicians and 88,000 nurses in New Jersey and Delaware, plus 40,000 physicians and nurses in Pennsylvania.
The most rewarding thing is the collegiality that we get from working as a group, the networking and access to Robb Mackes who is such a great problem solver. To have to negotiate on our own is clearly not as strong as having the Group Licensing Initiative negotiate on our behalf, and skillfully. I don’t have to negotiate with twenty vendors on my own.
-Robin Siegel, MLS, AHIP, Medical Librarian, Benjamin Weinstein Medical Library, CentraState Medical Center, Freehold, NJ
Our Track Record:
To our knowledge, the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative was the nation’s first group licensing consortium specifically for the benefit of hospital libraries. Hospitals throughout New Jersey and Delaware successfully linked through the initial efforts nearly ten years ago, and still gaining momentum and membership, the group is expanding into additional mid-Atlantic markets such as Pennsylvania and New York thanks to funding support from NNLM/MAR.
I believe we were the first member in Pennsylvania. At the time I was a new librarian in the medical field and the prices were mind-boggling. Learning about consortiums and getting the most for the dollar, then learning about it and making it a reality was a blessing.
-Kris Kalina, Memorial Medical Center/Conemaugh Health System, Johnstown, PA

(more) Writing Samples: PR Freelance Writing:
Blogging for the Tourism Dept, Commonwealth of PA

Own Top Chefs,”

December 2010 Writing Samples: FAQ Sheet FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative:
How long has the Group Licensing Initiative been in existence?
To our knowledge, we were the first group of our kind, specifically for hospital libraries, in the nation. The HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative was founded approximately ten years ago, in 2002. There are currently 75 members, as of spring 2012.

Who runs the Group Licensing Initiative?
Medical Librarian/Consultant Robert Mackes manages day-to-day operations and is the “go-to” contact. The consortium’s oversight and guidance is provided by a committee, comprised of members representing the many different sized health facilities in the region served. Additionally, The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Mid-Atlantic Region (NNLM/MAR), fully endorses the HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative as the lead organization assisting libraries in their efforts to convert to electronic resources. Funding for the expansion of membership is being provided by NNLM/MAR.
What types of resources does the Group Licensing Initiative make available to its members?
Ebooks, ejournals and databases are all available to members through an annual offer. We strive to present the most comprehensive list of current medical resources possible and are always open to suggestions from our members. The following vendors provide many widely-used and reliable medical publications, in electronic form, as mainstays of our offer:
BMJ (British Medical Journal)
McGraw Hill

(more) Freelance Writing:
Blogging for the Tourism Dept, Commonwealth of PA

“It's the Journey that Matters"
March 2010

Photography also
By Hendricks
Nearly 100 Hospitals Join Forces to Improve Resources; Share Costs
(Princeton, NJ, May 21, 2012) – Hospitals and medical facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region are joining the ranks of economically-minded American consumers in an effort to be more cost-conscious by utilizing group purchasing power as a strategy. Specifically, medical libraries that supply their respective hospitals with the latest medical information, research, journals and databases, have joined forces as a consortium heralded for its innovative approach.
The Group Licensing Initiative formed ten years ago under the umbrella organization Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey (HSLANJ) and currently links 75 hospitals throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Known as the first consortium of its kind in the nation, the group is poised for a major expansion to include as many as 300 medical facilities within the year.
Organizers tout two major benefits of membership: access to current, high-quality electronic resources in the form of medical journals, books and databases; and the most cost-effective pricing available thanks to the organization’s leverage of group purchasing strategy. Members currently represent hospitals and medical facilities in NJ, DE and part of PA; outreach is underway to potential new members throughout PA and NY.
“Group licensing is charting a new, innovative course for Mid-Atlantic hospitals,” said HSLANJ Group Licensing Project Manager Robert Mackes. “Member hospitals are putting the latest interactive medical information at the fingertips of all staff, at a great cost-savings, which ultimately benefits patients and the general public throughout the Mid-Atlantic.”
Current trends are moving hospital libraries away from traditional hard-copy materials, toward electronic resources which are brought to life via audio, video, interactive applications and links. Electronic resources are also accessible 24/7 from point-of-care bedside to remote access, encouraging wider usage by medical staff.

“Karen is an amazing talent in the marketing and public relations arena.”
Alice Estrada, former Executive Director, Gettysburg Festival

“Karen is the definition of grace under pressure.”
Michael Connelly, Founder, Connelly Design Studio

“Her attention to detail and organizational skills are exceptional.”
Jess Dean, Owner, Celebrate Gettysburg Magazine

“A remarkable lady who is filled with passion and professionalism in everything she does.”
Phillip Murray, General Manager, Gettysburg Hotel Est. 1797

“Very resourceful, an outstanding journalist with the ability to ask the tough questions.”
Ed Wickenheiser, Retired News Director, WGAL-TV

“She meets every challenge with a smile… a joy to work with.”
Judi McGee, Director of Development, Gettysburg Festival

"If you are looking for someone who can help you create a public relations campaign that will help your business or association succeed, look no further than Karen Hendricks and Hendricks Communications."
Robert Mackes, Project Manager, HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative Including a cover story in the
Harrisburg Patriot-News “Go!” Section, with 4 interior pages of coverage,
June 9, 2011 Event Management: PLCM Convention I would like to express my very sincere appreciation for all that you did to make the Gettysburg PLCM Convention a success....
The success was a result of your hard work, your ability to organize, schedule and attend to the many details that needed to be considered.

William E. Troxell
Gettysburg Mayor Thank you so much for making the 109th Annual PLCM Convention a success... Your ideas, fundraising efforts and devotion to this convention were a huge asset to Gettysburg.

Mary A. Costik
PLCM Meeting Manager Event Photography: Children's Arts Fair, Gettysburg Festival Contact Information: Website and Blog: hendricks.communications.com
Email: hendricks.communications@gmail.com
Karen Hendricks
Hendricks Communications
@KarenHendricks9 Event Photography: Gettysburg Festival’s Gingerbread House Celebration "Gettysburg Festival dishes up more than history" Profiled in the exclusive "Summer Stages" section "a dream for foodies" "Get your eyes, ears and stomachs ready for the 10-day Gettysburg Festival." Career Foundation:
20 years of award-winning experience in the media, writing for television, radio and newspaper. An intuitive ability to listen, focus on a message(s) and craft engaging stories.
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