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Sandugash Ismagulova

on 24 September 2012

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Good morning children! Pronouns How are you? Today we are going to learn a new theme Are you ready? OK, let"s start! PRONOUNS Now watch the video and write down the pronouns which were used Personal Pronouns - Subject Form Pronouns Personal Pronouns Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns subject form object form possessive adjective possessive pronoun ... small I me my mine myself
you you your yours yourself
he him his his himself
she her her hers herself
it it its its itself
we us our ours ourselves
you you your yours yourselves
they them their theirs themselves Exercises Use the correct personal pronouns. Watch the words in brackets.

Example: ___ often reads books. (Lisa)

Answer: She often reads books.

1) ___ is dreaming. (George)
2) ___ is green. (the blackboard)
3) ___ are on the wall. (the posters)
4) ___ is running. (the dog)
5) ___ are watching TV. (my mother and I)
6) ___ are in the garden. (the flowers)
7) ___ is riding his bike. (Tom)
8) ___ is from Bristol. (Victoria)
9) ___ has got a brother. (Diana)
10) ___ Have got a computer, Mandy? Choose the correct possessive determiners.

Example: I have got a sister. ___ name is Susan.

Answer: I have got a sister. Her name is Susan.

Hi Daniel,
___ name is John. This is ___ friend Jason. He's 12. ___ sister is nine. They have got a pet. ___ pet is a budgie. ___ name is Charlie. Jason and I go to the same school. There are 450 boys and girls in ___ school. Jason's form teacher is Mrs. Peterson. She has got a pet, too. ___ pet is a tortoise. Our form teacher is Mr. Smith. I like ___ lessons. He has two dogs. The dogs love to play in ___ garden. Good job! Now the lesson is over. Goodbye.
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