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4th grade Memory lane

No description

Mike Graham

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of 4th grade Memory lane

Memory 2.
Memory 5.
Mr. Graham tould us (the class) a joke about atoms that was really cheesy at least thats what jason said anyway the joke was like this
Why can't you trust a atom ?
Mr.Graham said roes and chickens explaining this project to us last week during math class on Friday.
Dog in car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr.Graham showed the class a video were his dog was driving his car then Mr.Graham droped his dog on the floorboard of the car and we all were laughing at the video
Ava picked up a worm during science groups and would not put it back in the container.Ava was running around the room with the worm.
4th grade Memory lane
Memory 1.!
Mr. Graham's day
Ava was wormed out
When we were in art class Jason liked to tell stories.The stories were about captian potato chip
Because they make up every thing
I hope you enjoyed the prezi on some of the Memories of the 4th grade year :)
Memory 6.
One day Mr.Graham turned on tecno music in the class room . and we all danced to the music. !
A big shout out to the teachers for good times and some students hope we all have a great year next year
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