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Chasing Lincoln's Killer

No description

mallory spitler

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Chasing Lincoln's Killer

The president, Lincoln and his wife went to fords theater with their friends Major Rathbone and his fiance Clara
while they were watching the play, booth snuck up to the president box and murdered the president
chapter 3
In chapter 3 Powell tried to kill Seward while he was bedridden because he was in an accident the week before.
Powell could not get a good shot at Seward because people were watching over him in his bedroom.
Powell had to get rid of everyone in that room to kill Seward.
Chapter 4
In chapter 4 the manhunt had already begun back at Fords
also while booth was trying to make his excape a man named Joseph Seward tried to catch booth but he could not catch up to Booth.
By Mallory Spitler
From The Prologue to The Epilogue
The Prologue and Chapter 1
In the Prologue the North and South were at war, then the South gave up and Lincoln and the North were now out of war.
In chapter one John Wilkes Booth was in Washington and since the south had gave up everyone was celebrating around booth.
Chasing Lincoln's Killer
Chapter 2
chapter 5
in chapter 5
by this time Booth was already 10 miles away from Washington.
Also, Lincoln finally found a house that he could lay an pass in peace since a theater was for fun and laughter.
chapter 6
in chapter 6
Booth and Herld left Mudd's farm because Mudd found out about Booth and how he killed Lincoln and he did not want to be part of it.
Chapter 7
and Lincoln was found
died at 7:22 on April 15, 1865.
Stanton had ordered 24-hour guards to be at Fords theater.
Booth and Herold went to Cox's farm because of Booth's ankel then spent 2 nights in a pin thicket.
Chapter 8
in chapter 8
Booth and Herold spent more time in the pin thicket
Mary Surratt was perparing for bed when the detectives came to ask if John Surratt was there but John was in New York City.
Chapter 9
in chapter 9
Booth did not plan for the delay.
Stanton was finally getting places with the investigation and the manhunt.
Chapter 10
chapter 10
Thomas sent Booth and Herold across the Potomac river but when they got across they figured out they went the wrong way and now they were closer to Washington.
Chapter 11
in chapter 11
Booth and Herold were hiding at the Garretts farm.
the union calvery found them and set fire to to tabacco barn were Booth and Herold were hiding
chapter 12
Booth is shot and parilized and found dead
They wrapped Booth in an army blanket and took them back to Washington
chapter 13
In chapter 13 there was the trial for all the people who were Questioned.
Mary Surratt,David Herold,George Atzerodt, and Lowis Powell. were hunged for helping John Wilkes Booth
More people were questioned like Dr.Mudd, Samual Arnold, Edwin Spanler and much more
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