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anaeisa arango

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of LONDON

London is the capital of England and is located beside the River Thames.
London is a place full of things to do, full of places to visit and full of monuments to go sightseeing.
The flag is:

In London are many monuments that most of them are the most popular monuments in the world, for example:
In London are many clubs, pubs and fast food restaurants and there you can go out with your friends and have an amazing time with them. Some clubs and bars are:
Egg London
Madame Jo Jo´s
Ministry of sound
The most important and amazing activity is Thames RIB Experience, there you can ride the biggest, loudest, fastest and newest boats on the river Thames. As you journey along the river a guide will tell you about the wonderful sights that London has.
The London eye or the Millennium Wheel is one of the places more visited in the UK and its the biggest wheel in the world. It is a big wheel with 32 boxes and it move in a slowly way because if you go in it show you some parts of the city.
In London are many places to visit and all of them are wonderful. For example:
The kensington gardens are in the Kensington´s palace that is smaller than the Buckingham´s palace. There is a good place to relax and take a little break, also you can enter to the palace and see the Peter Pan´s statue
The Big Ben or the tower of London is next to the Westminster´s palace and is one of the most famous monuments in London
The tower bridge is a big and attractive bridge that go up and down and a lot of people confuse this bridge with the London bridge.
The tower bridge is next to the London tower.
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