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Immigration Timeline

A timeline of the years of immigration in Australia

Harrison Trotter

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Immigration Timeline

1788: Convict transportation from England starts in this year.
1837: Melbourne is named and mapped.
1839: The first British immigrants arrive.
1841: About one British ship arrives each week.
1850-1860: Gold is discovered in Ballarat and half a million immigrants arrive.
1852: Convict transportation is abolished.
1854: Eureka Stockade uprising leads to the abolishment of miner's license's
1910's to 1930's
1914: World War 1 stops immigration for 4 years.
1910's: German immigration banned after the outbreak off World War 1.
1922: The British Government assists migrants coming to Australia.
1925: The Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association is formed in this year.
1930's: The Depression years result in little immigration from other countries.
1938: The Australian Government accepts 15,000 Jewish refugees affected by Naziism.
1873: Riots force Chinese immigrants to stay in Ballarat, where they first settled.
1881: The Non-Aboriginal population rises to 2.25 million people.
1890: Economic depression puts Melbourne in debt.
1900: Immigration restriction act introduces the Dictation Test for non-British immigrants.
1901:Federation is celebrated as all of the colonies of Australia come together.
1980's to 1990's
1981: The Commonwealth stops assisting all migrants to Australia, with exceptions for refugees.
1985: The Government gives ownership of Uluru, (Ayers Rock), back to the Indigenous people.
1997: The One Nation Party is formed, opposing against multiculturalism and Aboriginal land claims.
1990's: Nearly 1 in 4 Australians have been born in a different country.

2000's and onwards
2000: over 250 thousand people from Sydney marched across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to say sorry to all Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders for all the terrible things that happened in the past.
2001: 430 rescued asylum seekers on a Norwegian freighter were turned back and sent to a detention centre.
2001: Australians celebrate the centenary of Federation in 1901.
1960's to 1970's
1962: The Commonwealth is presented to all Aborigines.
1965: White Australia Policy abolished.
Late 1960's: 6,000 immigrants from the continent Asia are arriving each year.
1970's: The first immigrants arrive from the countries Chile, Cyprus, Vietnam and Lebanon.

1940's to 1950's
1945: The first Immigration Department was established.
1949: The Commonwealth Nationality and Citizenship Act makes sure that Australian are no longer British.
1950: The National Good Neighbour Foundation is created.
1955: There are 1 million immigrants living in Australia that fought in the war.
1958: The Dictation Test is stopped in this year,making it easier for immigrants.

1980's and Onwards
1910's to 1970's
Immigration Timeline
By Harrison
1700's and 1800's
Short video
Thanks for watching!
1980's to 1990's
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