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Industrial Managment (Industriell Ekonomi)

A way for an Engineer trying to grasp the topic as whole: What is it, really?

Henrik Blomgren

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of Industrial Managment (Industriell Ekonomi)

This topic start with practical management problems Engineers meet
This guy do have a problem
Industrial management:
Answers to these kind of "Activitiy-related questions
A conglomerate of solutions to different problems
Your Future problem
Humans have "will"
Old problems, old solutions
New problems then what?
What are the models made of?
What where the circumstances when they where made?
Do the same circumstances exist today?
At this moment pricing as freemium, and marketing is big. Tomorrow something else
We can learn from history...Freemium is not new. But how much can we learn from history?
To solve problems...
And to know when the "Old" solutions fit in to the problem you have today. Or not!
The Company?
Get an invite at...

Industrial Management (Industriell Ekonomi)
Impossible to understand?
What price?
Charging for what?
How much does the work cost?
Does he need a "corporation"?
Should he employ?
How to get people?
How to know what he would earn?
How to finance development?
How to get it known?
The list is long...
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