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Religious Life Power point

Powerpoint for Religious Life Unit @ Carroll

Cassie Schemmel

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Religious Life Power point

UNVEILING RELIGIOUS LIFE Sister Nun Brother Friar Monk Priest So really, What is
Anyway??? Religious Life: is the term used to describe the vocation in which a person is called by God to live in a religious order and take vows. Religious: people who choose to live in communities where members vow solely to serve God Religious orders: Groups officially recognized by the Catholic Church as offering a way of life for those called to profess vows In the beginning ... Religious Life began shortly after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Men and Women went to the desert to pray fast and meditate in North Africa and Middle East. These individuals began communities. What are 3 elements of Religious Life? Community Life:
supports and challenges each member of the religious community
Pillar of our faith in God - necessary for religious life
Guides in sense of mission - discerning heart Service:
Result of God's Love & Grace
Most religious orders are founded with a specific need in mind, but this need grows and changes with society What are 3 essential elements
Religious Life
It's a litte more complicated than that ... Although those are 3 absolutely essential parts, there is more that makes up a religious order. Additional Vocabulary Charism: the unique spirit and gift that a religious community brings to the church Rule of Life: specifying how an individual religious fulfills the mission or purpose of his or her congregation Apostolate: The specific work or ministry that a religious community does What does the
life of a Religious
look like? Vows POVERTY CHASTITY Obedience or as I like to call it,
no money, no funny,
no hunny Chastity (Celibacy) Everyone is called to chastity, but YOU are called to celibacy ... RIGHT NOW Chastity: called to love God and neighbors in a just, moral way Celibacy: abstaining from sexual behaviors, proper to marriage Celibacy is NOT anti-love Why is it so important? Freedom to respond to needs of community and world Pledge to build community Reliance on God Obedience comes from verb oboedire
truly means a willingness to listen to God's call
Responding to the needs of the world
Requires openness to the spirit
Poverty Not the way that we view poverty, but more simple living Varies greatly from order to order Poverty is freeing and in line with Jesus' teaching Religious poverty in community (monastic) vs. individual (evangelical) What are
different types
Religious Orders? Contemplatives: lives are focused on contemplation, meditation, or communion with God
Thomas Merton, St. Benedict Mendicant: "Beggars"
Depended on the generosity of those who they ministered to, following the Gospel mission
St. Dominic and Francis Service: Provide crucial ministries for Church and society
Mother Francis Cabrini, St. Vincent De Paul What is the process
to enter
Religious Community Novitiate: "novices"
This is a period of study, prayer and intense discernment for the applicatn Professional Training: The applicant receives training the particular apostolate or ministry that they will be performing Vows: There are two steps of vows
1)Temporary vows: taken one year at a time
2) Solemn or Perpetual vows: this is a final commitment Aren't called to take vows? You can always become lay missioner or lay affiliate! So, how do you know if your called ....
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