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Anne Frank Project

No description

Amy Riebli

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Anne Frank Project

Anne Frank Project Instructions: You must choose FOUR options and create each one on a separate sheet of blank white paper. Neatness WILL count! Parnters, or NOT: You may work with a partner on the maps only; however, you both need to have your OWN essays, and they need to be different! Bubble Maps: Create 3 bubble maps showing at least FIVE characteristics for THREE different people in Anne's diary. Double-Bubble Maps: Choose 2 people in Anne's diary who are very different from one another and create a double-bubble map illustrating their differences and similarities. At least four of each should be shown. Flow map: Create a flow map of the ten most important (in your opinion) events in Anne's diary in sequential order. Multi-Flow Map: Create a multi-flow map of the main causes of the Holocaust. The "Afterword" and "Foreword" in the book might be good resources for this! Tree map: Create a tree map of the people in Anne's diary. Classify them (Annex members, helpers, etc.) and break each subgroup down into smaller groups--family groups, individuals, etc. Brace map: Create a brace map of the actual annex structure (if you choose this map for your essay, you will talk about how the setting of the diary affected the actions of the inhabitants.) Other Requirements: Neatness DOES count
Each map needs a frame of reference--1/2 inch border
All writing must be in ink!
You must choose ONE map to use as the basis for a five paragraph essay
Final product will include your essay ON TOP, the map for the essay below, and all others STAPLED after Value and Due Date: This assignment is worth 30 points total--15 for essay, 15 for maps.

This assignment is due on
November 29th.
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