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A dogs purpose

No description

Melanie Miller

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of A dogs purpose

Melanie Miller Setting: This story is set in present day.In two of the dogs life the story is set in Califronia in a neighborhood town.In the other two of his lives the story is set on a small town on a farm. Toby\Bailey\Ellie\Bear\Buddy:The main character of the book.In each life the dog wakes up to see he has started his life over in a different dogs body with a new name. Characters: Ethan:The main human in the story.Ethan appears in most of the stories,and is the reason behind the main purpose Bailey is trying to achieve. Maya and Jakob:They are the second most important humans in this story.They are police officers who teach Ellie how to find and save people,which helps in futures lives. Exposition Climax In Toby's first life,he is born as a mutt in the woods.He later ends up belonging to an animal hoarder,Senora, in her back yard.Even though it seems like the amount of dogs is okay,animal control comes and has to put most of them to sleep.Sadly,Toby is one of these chosen dogs,but he goes to sleep knowing his purpose was to make Senora happy. Rising Action Bailey is born again as a Golden Retriever,and is found on the streets.A lady picks him up and takes him home to a little boy Ethan.Ethan and Bailey grow up together and go through many adventures in town and on their grandparents farm. Ethans emeny,Todd,burns down their house,and Bailey has to save Ethan.Ethan ends up jumping out a window and gets hurt.After Ethan heals,they move out to their grandparents farm.At the farm,Ethan grows up and breaks up with his girlfriend Hannah,and goes off to college,leaving Bailey there without him.Bailey soon become sick an he has to be put to sleep.Ethan showed up right at the last moment,and Bailey realized her purpose was to love,and protect the boy. Falling Action: Ellie is reborn again with a keen sense of smell.She first belongs to Jakob,a police man,who teachers her how to find people,which saves them.LaterJakob gets hurt,so she becomes Maya's dog,who is training to become a police woman.After being in a bad accident Ellie's nose stops working and has to be put down.But she leaves knowing her purpose was to find and save people. Resolution Bear becomes a dog that gets stuck outside in a backyard and never gets played with.His owner puts him in a trunk and drops him off in the midlde of no where.Bear reconizes the smell.Its the farm him and Ethan used to go to.He finds his way around and eventually finds the old barn.theres an old man in it,and it turns out its Ethan.Ethan renames him Buddy and they live together until Ethan grows older and dies.Buddy is happy because the most important purpose in his life was to love and be with Ethan,and this is how he got to end his last life. The authors purpose of writing this story is to get the point across that no mater where you are in life or what your doing,there's a purpose that your living for,and you might not realize it until things come to an end. Conflict: The overall conflict was the dog trying to find and fulfill its purpose in each life. Text to Text:In this book I read,"The 12 days of Christmas" a lady keeps repeating the same day over and over for 12 days.Its like the dog repeating his lives.Each day she did something different than the one before,but still kept making miskates.On the 12th day she did everything right,and realized on all the other days there was purpose for her mistakes.She learned that at first things might not make sense,but at the end you can use what you've learned,This is like the dog using all his purposes to find Ethan in the very end. I give this book a double thumbs up!Even though it was sad in parts it made me want to keep reading.I also liked it because it has a great lesson to teach
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