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Adolf Hitler

No description

Dallas Novitske

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler

About his life and how
courage was shown Life Information Growing up Becoming in power Courage *Hitler was born in Austria in 1889
*He committed suicide with his wife, Eva Braun, on April 30, 1945 in Berlin
*Adolf was the fourth born out of
six children
*When Hitler was three years old, his family moved from Austria
to Germany. *At an early age Hitler showed interest in
German Nationalism which he didn't know
would become motivating through his life
*Adolf loved art but his father didn't like
the idea of his son drawing. He would
rather him be interested in business
*Adolf's mother allowed him to drop out of
school and move to Vinnea to work as a
laborer and watercolor painter
*Adolf applied for the Academy of Fine
Arts twice and got rejected both times *Hitler became to think anti-Semitic things
when he joined The German's Workers Party
(DAP) in 1919
*Soon after joining DAP the name changed to
NSDAP, Nationalsozialistishe Deutshe Arbeiterpartei
*Adolf designed the party banner which was a Swastika in a white circle on a red backround * Hitler was very close to being assassinated thirty or so times.
It takes courage to go out into public knowing that there are a lot of people want to kill
you because of what you have done. Especially
if you decide not to change.
There's also a fifty-fifty chance that
they could succeed at any time. You never
know who will try to kill you at any
given moment. What it takes to
stand up to hate Adolf Hitler As an adult *Hitler served in WWI, he was noticed for courage and bravery in many battles
*Adolf also became noteworthy for his
motivating speaches he gave
*At one point Hitler ran out of money and
had to live in a homeless shelter
*The book "Mein Kamph" (My Struggle) was
about his plan to change Germany's society,
based on race
*The Great Depression created a perfect
opportuinity for Hitler to rise to
power Courage *Hitler's courage shows in his WWI records. After being in a gas explosion, and almost becoming blind he decided to still commence in battle for his
country People are always going to judge you on the choices you make. To stand up to them, you need to not let what they say get to you. Once they realize that you don't care about what they say they won't have anything to say about you. Ignore them and keep to yourself,
family, and some friends. You
need to always have
hope. <3
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