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Behavior Change Project

No description

Zoe Brents

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Behavior Change Project

Behavior I want to change
First Journal Entry
I am attempting to eat nothing but clean and healthy foods, because I want to be in the best shape of my life and a key factor in this process is to nourish your body.I believe it will be easier for me because growing up I was never allowed to eat much bad food, and I have a very good support system at school now. I also have the will power to say no to desserts or any extra treats.I am very excited to be attempting this because I am tired of saying I will change and then I don't do anything about it. Being a college student, money is tight and it will make it more difficult to make my own meals as opposed to just going to a fast food restaurant or eating a lot of snacks.
Now that I have started working on my behavior change for a few weeks now I am feeling very good. It has been as I would have expected it to be, difficult at time but I am able to stick with it, mainly because of my support system and my will power. I can see and feel a difference in how my body functions, and I'm very close to buying myself a new phone as my reward.
Middle Journal Entry
Now that I am in the middle of my behavior change project it has become more and more normal for me. It is easy for em to say no to sweets and a habit now to eat the healthiest of food and snacks. My back as been injured lately so I haven't been able to go the gym as much as I have wanted to, but my eating habits have been directly on point to help make up for it. I've been set on making a change for a while so it really hasn't been that hard for me to do the steps to make the actual change, especially since I have my support group and my will power.
Behavior Change Project
By: Zoe Brents

No fast food
Working out consistently
Not eating when I'm bored
First Few Days
The first few days of my behavior change have been going very well, which gives me hope that I will be able to stick with this. I don't have a completion date, my goal is that it will just become my new lifestyle.
Journal Continued
I can see a more prominent change in how my stomach looks and it is just giving me more motivation to continue working hard. I am very pleased with myself and the progress and I am excited to see bigger results in the future.
I wish to eat clean and healthy and to be in the best shape of my life.
So that I will follow through with my plans, my friends will be my support system through the process.
Week 1-2 Journal Entry
Last Few Weeks
Over the last few weeks I have been doing very well with my behavior change project. It has become a part of my routine and I don't think twice about going to exercise or what I eat because I know it is healthy for me.
The semester and project have come to an end and even though the assignment is completed I will continue doing what I have been for the past few months. I am proud of myself for what I have done and how long I have stuck with it and I know I will continue to do so.
Week 1 Monday-Friday 1/27/14- 1/31/14
My target behavior was to eat clean and exercise, so I began going to the gym everyday and not eat fast food. I was extremely sore but I knew I had to continue working hard.
Week 2 Monday- Friday 2/3/14-2/7/14
My target behavior is still to eat clean and exercise, so I have continued to go to the gym and not eat fast food. It is becoming more of a routine now so it is getting a little easier.
Week 3 Monday- Friday 2/10/14-2/14/14
Target behavior was to eat clean and exercise and I still continued going to the gym, I didn't feel the soreness very much anymore so I upped my work out for the next week.
Week 4 Monday- Friday 2/17/14-2/21/14
I didn't workout every day during this week and I could definitely feel my tiredness so I need to make sure I continue to push myself or I won't feel or see the results that I want, however, I have kept up with my eating clean.
Week 5 Monday- Friday 2/24/14-2/28/14
I stuck to my work out very closely this week, and it was easier for me to do everything. I'm beginning to feel a difference with how I move as well. I think I need to up my work outs again.
Week 6 Monday- Friday 3/3/14- 3/7/14
I upped my work out last week and I have felt very sore for the past few days, but in a very good way. I know I am making progress and I have energy all the time now from how I have been eating.
Week 7 Monday- Friday 3/10/14- 3/14/14
This week I have started noticing a change in how my body physically looks, and even though a few snow days have gotten in the way I have continued to work out on my own without going to the gym. I don't want to slack off at all now that I am really seeing progress
Week 8 Monday- Friday 3/17/14-3/21/14
This past week was very good, I still continue to eat healthy and work out everyday. I have not felt sore in a little while so I believe I need to up my work out again but I am more excited to do that then upset because I can feel the strength in my body now.
Week 9 Monday- Friday 3/24/14- 3/28/14
I have felt sore again since last week I upped my work out. I am making very much progress very quickly and I do not plan to stop any time soon just because the 9 weeks is up. I am grateful for this project because without it I would not have tracked my progress.
My behavior change was to eat clean and healthy and to exercise everyday. My personal feelings on the project was that I enjoyed doing it because it gave me something to challenge myself with. If the project hadn't been given to us I would not have recorded what I did and the results may no have been so prominent. My major obstacles and resources were that it was very difficult to continue eating clean because this school doesn't offer many healthy options so what I needed I had to buy them at the grocery store, however, my parents were very supportive and provided me with what I needed. The summary of goals I attained was that I only had one goal which was to eat clean and healthy and exercise and I have attained that. I am proud of what I have done over the course of this class. And my overall assessment of the assignment was that I thought it went well and I am pleased with the results. I have continued to work hard even after the 9 weeks goal log ended and I feel so much more confident then when this semester started.
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