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Fundamental Concepts of Acoustics

belongs to worldofacoustics.com

Nurkan Gurun

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Fundamental Concepts of Acoustics

Fundamental Concepts of Acoustics
Sound Waves
Acoustic Phenomena
What is a wave?
A wave is a disturbance or deviation from a pre-existing condition.

Characteristics of a wave

Waves are carriers of energy, momentum and angular momentum.
Time plays a vital role.
All mechanical waves travel in a material medium.
The wave movement takes place at finite speed.
There is no shape or form restriction.
How do longitudinal waves propagate?
There are two main types of waves
Longitudinal waves
Rarefactions : Pressure and density of the molecules are LOWER than when no wave is passing .
Compressions : Pressure and density of the molecules are HIGHER than when no wave is passing .

Lateral Waves
Wave Equation
Wavelength, Wave Number, Wave Propagation Velocity, Frequency
Plane Waves
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