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who dun it

No description

E Western

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of who dun it

Who killed Mr Williams? Clue one... Clue two... Clue three... Clue four... Clue five... A scrunched up piece
of paper that when opened
appears to be a map of the world. A piece of wet toilet
paper with a shoe print on The back of the vctims head has been written on.
It says 'You would never expect me' A name tag half ripped with the text 'Mr.' and 'Appo' on. On the wall where the crime was comitted is written 'nearly eight ' Maybe the suspect has something to do with geography?
The suspect might have been to the toilet recently. Who knows? On the back of the victims head is written 'YOU WOULD NEVER EXPECT ME' Something about the suspect means we would not expect them. Maybe they were friends? We believe this name tag belonged to the suspect. Does this tell us who they are? Maybe there is something about the suspect which equals 7? Does this narrow it down? Know who it is yet? Are you sure you want
to know? It was Mr. Clarke!!!! Here goes... P.S Don't go past this point unless you know who the murderer is.
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