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Steve Jobs

By: Jocelyn Escobar: Writer, Cielo Leon: researcher, Ivyonna Pugh: Editor & Nora Armentrout: Programer

cielo l

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

After The Dream
Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, San Francisco, CA
Product Timeline

By: Jocelyn Escobar: Writer, Cielo Leon: Researcher, Ivyonna Pugh: Editor & Nora Armentrout: Programer
Steve jobs childhood
Steve Jobs
When Steven Paul Jobs was born he was an orphan, he didn't know he was adopted until he was 27.
When Steve was younger, his dad would show him how to take apart and reconstruct electronics.
In 1985, Steve Jobs left Apple and bought an animation company from George Lucas, which later became known as Pixar Animation Studios.
The studio merged with Walt Disney in 2006, making Steve Jobs Disney's largest shareholder.
Leaving Apple to Working with Walt Disney
1998: Apple releases the iMac
2001: Apple introduces the first iPod
2003: Apple launches the iTunes music store
2007: Apple introduces the iPhone
2008: iOS App Store
2011: Apple introduces the iPad
ThE dream STARTS
Young Steve Jobs grew up in a neighborhood of engineers working on electronics and other gizmos in their garages on weekends. This shaped his interest in the field as he grew up. At age 13, he met one the most important persons in his life: 18-year-old Stephen Wozniak, an electronics wiz kid. Five years later, when Steve Jobs reached college age, he told his parents he wanted to enroll in Reed College an expensive liberal arts college up in Oregon. Even though the tuition fees were astronomical for the poor couple, they had promised their son's biological parents he would get a college education, so they relented. Steve spent only one semester at Reed, then dropped out, as he was more interested in eastern philosophy, fruitarian diets, and LSD than in the classes he took. He moved to a hippie commune in Oregon where his main activity was cultivating apples. A few months later, Steve returned to California to look for a job. He was hired at the young video game maker Atari, and used his wages to make a trip to India with one of his college friends, in order to 'seek enlightenment'. He came back a little disillusioned and started to take interest in his friend Woz's new activities.

The Return of Jobs
In 1997, the company operating loss was at loss and Microsoft's 95 flying off the shelves. In August of that year, Jobs rejoined the board, becoming the CEO.
Apple was falling apart because of their new management, Jobs put Apple back on track.
As the new CEO of the company, Jobs oversaw the development of the iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and on the services side, the company's Apple Retail Stores, iTunes Store and the App Store. The success of these products and services provided several years of stable financial returns, and propelled Apple to become the world's most valuable publicly traded company in 2011.

Steve Jobs died October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto CA
He died because he had pancreatic cancer; which he had been battling for over a decade.
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